Woman versus the Machine (part 6)


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Part 1 here.

It would have been over by now, if only she had paid attention. She sighed, she felt such a fool standing in the corner like an errant child. God, what if someone comes in… her tummy did a tumble and she chewed her lip as her face flushed. Doubtlessly the risk was low or Dan would not have gone for coffee, still…

Her bottom still stung from the cane and she could feel lines of seemingly hot steel bursting through her lower curves. She could not help touch the tender spore but then remembered Dan’s threat and snatched her hands away. Hopefully a few quick finger dabs would not count as rubbing. She pumped her knees and did a small shimmy to shake out the burn, God this was so humiliating.

After what seemed like hours Dan came back.

“It looks tender,” he said.

“Yah,” she drawled, she sounded thoroughly miserable.

“Where were we?” he said rhetorically and took up the cane.

Anette shrugged.

“Eight more wasn’t it?” he said and noisily swished the stick.

He was dragging this out, she thought, but she knew if she would do the same in his position. God, he must be loving this.

“Alright come out and bend over,” he said.

Anette turned and scowled before shaking her head in denial.

“Come on,” he growled.

She shrugged and with slow careful steps moved to obey. Only eight, only eight, ran the mantra in her head. As she flopped over the padded surface she was embarrassingly aware again that her bottom was sticking out and served up for his pleasure.

“Do I… do I…?” she began.

He caned her hard and she screamed in surprise.

“Nineteeen, thank you sir, may I have another please?” she yelped.

“You may,” he said and caned her again.

“Ahhhhh-eeee-mmmm,” she hissed, “20 thank you sir, may I have another please?”

He caned in hard right where once she could have relied on sitting.

“Hmmmmm,” she twisted and screwed up her face and let out a long slow breath before groaning, “21 thank you sir, please may I have another?”

The cane stroke followed and she all but yelled out the request and began to grizzle. This was hard and getting harder.

Twenty three and 24 followed just as quickly and she counted each.

“Three more,” Dan said, “You are doing well.”

Anette sniffed and nodded.

“Just relax, no need to count now,” he told her.

She was panting heavily and barely acknowledged him.

Dan waited.

Oh God, oh God, ran through her mind.

Then he caned with a vicious swipe and before she could scream out he caned her again.

Anette tensed for a third that did not come. Then she finally relaxed and he laid on the last.

Anyone beyond the room might have heard a scream. Inside Anette sagged and sobbing like a bottom-spanked teen.

“All done,” Dan said brightly.

Anette collapsed over the padded bench and sobbed. It was a good cry, she felt clean. Dan patted her shoulder and put away the cane.

After a while Anette clambered to her feet and vigorously massaged her bottom. “Wow,” she gasped. There were still tears, but now she breathing mostly normally.

Dan smiled reassuringly and then regarded her sternly. “I haven’t told you yet, but I have been promoted,” he said.

“Oh,” Anette gaped, that explained his response to her attitude. “Congratulations.” She tried to smile. “Look, I am sorry about my behaviour, both today and… well most of the time so it seems.”

Dan set his jaw as if pondering something. “I am not sure you are suited to this job,” he said.

Anette felt a surge of panic. “You can’t fire me,” she blurted, “I’m sorry, really fucking sorry.”

His glare warned her. “I am not firing you, but I can relegate you to the back office, to reception maybe, or the processing unit.”

“Please Dan…” Anette would hate that.

“The alternative is a kind of unofficial probation,” he suggested.

Anette nodded quickly. It didn’t pass his notice that she hadn’t let go of her still bare bottom yet or asked to get dressed.

“Does that sound fair?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said quickly, “Yes Sir.”

He smiled. “So we have a deal, but remember if you screw up again or give or anyone any attitude, even clients… you and I will be having a very long conversation here in this room.”

Anette gulped. “Y-you can’t mean…?” she felt a surge of panic.

“It’s that or the night shift doing gate guard duty,” Dan told her.

Anette gave him a pout and nodded. “Can I get dressed now?” she asked.

Dan appeared to consider this and then made a significant glance to the corner.

Anette let her jaw drop.

“I think in honour of our new arrangement and to make sure you know your place,” he grinned and gestured to corner of the room, “One hour… I will watch you from the monitors.”

Anette winced and sagged dejectedly. “Yes Sir,” she groaned.

Dan was still grinning.

The end.

2 Responses to “Woman versus the Machine (part 6)”

  1. 1 Susannah

    I it’s good to have you back, but how is indigo ? Looking bank through your posts I see you made several references to an exciting new project in which she would b e. Engaged. I must somehow have missed something, not only can I not see any reference to this project but now we never get any more of indigos stories. I do appreciate you are both wage earners and this blog is a favour to followers but it doesn’t stop me missing input from both of you. (You could take it as a compliment.). S

    • 2 DJ

      She is fine. At some point she hopes to pursue a project of her own and for now I have played down references to her here for reasons that may one day become apparent. That sounds more ominous and complicated than it is.

      We have both just been so busy and the best laid plans of mice and…

      Thanks anyway and hopefully in the new year….

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