Spanking the Seeker


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Janice K had wondered her whole life what a spanking would be really like. As a teen she had been warned to be careful going out alone and that strangers were dangerous. She had always imagined that these dark consequences would involve a spanking. Deliberately she had flouted caution and put herself in danger. Of course nothing happened, she wasn’t even spanked when she got home. Such things only happened in books.

Then in her 20s she had seen small ads, hinting at spanking with strange men, but she had never dared write in response. Then a little later there was the Internet.

Posing as Little Kitten she corresponded with men and some women who variously spoke about, threatened and shared experiences of spanking. Once she even plucked up the courage to meet a man in a cafe. She waited for over an hour but he hadn’t showed.

Then she had begun talking to Colm. Online he was bossy but polite. Not attractive, he said and definitely not young. He had been divorced and his daughter didn’t talk to him. Work too had been a challenge. She had liked him at once but thought he sounded like a bit of a loser. Then he had said something to that effect himself, which confirmed in her mind that he was self aware and trustworthy.

He had been very supportive when she had tried her luck with another man online, but then when this man had had turned out to be a bit of a wanker and she hadn’t wanted to see him again.

Increasingly desperate she had made a third reckless attempt by meeting a man without telling anyone. Colm had been furious.

He told that if he had been there in person he would spank her until she couldn’t sit down for a week.

“If you were here I would let you,” she had replied.

They talked and finally she had told him, “We could meet.”

She had been close to actually nauseous when she turned up at the pub. So much so that she almost ran away.

“Are you Janice?” he had asked.

Colm looked solid and kind. He was also much more handsome than he had suggested. She told him so. He grinned and pointed out that much could be said about her.

They talked for hours and her stupid excursion to met the stranger came up again. He let his sternness show and her tummy did a flip-flop. Then he found out that she hadn’t told anyone she was meeting him either.

“But you’re Colm,” she told him, actually puzzled.

He scolded her for her naivete and threatened to spank her again.

“You can,” she said, “You should.”

“I live around the corner,” he said, he was nervous too and waited to see what she would say.

She looked around in case someone was listening and then she said, “You should spank me really, really hard, on the bare bottom. I mean really hard. The spanking should not really have started until I want it to stop.” She her breath.

He nodded a gulped down half his pint but decided not to finish it.

Outside it was raining and she didn’t look at him the whole way there.

The flat was okay, a bit grubby, as many single men’s apartments were. Once inside he took of his coat and offered her tea.

“After maybe,” she said shyly.

He took a deep breath and got her to tell him the story of how she went to meet the stranger and asked how come after the first time that she made the same mistake again. She couldn’t answer.

“Right young lady,” he barked.

Her heart leapt and began racing. Her tummy turned into a washing-machine.

Colm was less confident than he felt, but his visage remained paternally calm. He took her over his knee and lifted the back of her skirt. She had worn good underwear, planning for this moment no doubt.

“This should be a bare bottom spanking,” he growled, half in warning and half to get confirming consent.

“Oh God,” she whispered.

Time hung by a thread so that a single moment filled the room. Then hooking his thumb into the elastic of her underwear he slowly pulled her knickers down. His cock twitched at once, she was a little generous behind, but promising. He liked the way she gasped.

Then he spanked her once and she wriggled. Then he spanked her again, two or three times until she was breathing audibly and there was a pink patch on her bare bottom.

“Be cross with me, don’t let me off,” she mumbled after he had paused too long.

He had spanked women a few times and didn’t like to be told now. He spanked her hard, very hard and she twisted and made a little yelp. He didn’t know that this was her first ever spanking and she didn’t know it would hurt so much.

“Please,” she said.

He began spanking her very hard and very fast, too fast for her to take in and then her bottom sang. It was a tune of a million little tingles, like puppy dog teeth, and as spank followed spank the bite got more edge and she began to pant in discomfort.

Soon she was shouting out and twisting across his lap, but he didn’t let up and spanked her about as hard as he could until his arm ached and his palm was sore. By then her bottom was pretty red and she had actual begun to cry a little.

He stopped the spanking and she wriggled around until she was sitting in his lap and they were hugging. After a bit she said, “You didn’t have to stop, I mean part of me is glad but… oh God I am confused.”

Taking the hint he said, “Don’t worry we can finish your spanking after you stand in the corner for a while.”

“Oh God, Jesus, I can’t believe…” she sniffed, her mind raced.

Later she would tell him it was her first time. After he had spanked her again and they had gone to bed.


5 Responses to “Spanking the Seeker”

  1. Please send me Colm`s contact details !

  2. Excellent story Very realistic. This is exactly could have happened scenario.

    Love it

  3. Lovely story !

    A humble request
    You have such a popular blog ! Would you please allow some of that popularity to rub off onto our little blog “O&P Spanking Stories”?
    Please, please add our blog in your blog-roll…
    Best regards
    Brigitte and Martine

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