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Once again work is getting hectic, I had to go out of town just in time to face the floods. Part of the Great North Road was even closed. The UK is wet, wet, wet at the moment. I think maybe I am not alone as Spankland is quite quiet this week. Above is a […]

Dr Josephine Chandler was not especially pretty, but as a dedicated archaeologist she probably couldn’t have cared less. She had little time for make-up, new clothes or taking a brush or comb to her indifferent mop of mid brown shoulder length hair. Today, as on most days, she wore a heavy dark blue cotton smock […]

Vintage Sunday




Busy week, see aforementioned puppy, but also two funerals and client trip to the coast. I have posts and the will to write more, but no time to even edit the pending. Hence being a day late and being a bit thin in content. Also little time to really trawl spank land. Nothing much to […]

The Taws


The Taws (also sometimes spelt tawes) is a Scottish punishment. It consists of a mid-length heavy leather strap with one or sometimes two splits in it. Up until 1986 it was routinely used in Scottish schools by striking the hands, although former students have said that it was used on the backside in some schools. […]

Vintage Sunday


Apropos nothing, here are two two very different slices of history, The first four are of Sharon Tate, including two rare nudes and a still featuring David Niven in a very unusual and little known film, a 1966 British horror movie called Eye of the Devil. As depicted in the still the story includes a […]