c 89576-a1511049533810c bdsmlr-30593-dptdqtagp3c bdsmlr-54098-d55xwoo16pc bdsmlr-54098-rlmlbh5circ boots_and_her_buddies_1951-01-07_spankc fhs01c firmhandspanking-teenstrapping-003c pic07c 112c yasm_0005-630x350c zooey_coffee1vin tage-otk-752c waitingnew11xThe BDSMLR project seems to be gaining ground in its bid to replace Tumblr. You can check out the Annex here as a way in. The main difference from the Tumblr is that you have to be signed in to view in most cases.

Although as we saw last week there are other new projects launching and gaining pace, many old favourites seem not to be updating. In due course I will have to do a cull of the links.

The big news is that Pandora Blake is pregnant, so congratulations to her. This is going to impact her work massively from now on and in ways I doubt she can fully appreciate. Good luck Pandora.

Other professionals featured this week are: AAA, FHS, and GBS.

There are also contributions from Devlin, Vanilla Spanking, The Spanking Blog, Asa, Contemporary Life, the Spanking Blogg and Chicago Spanking.

6 Responses to “Community”

  1. 1 Tony

    I like it a lot but I don’t see any videos posted. Do they allow videos

  2. 2 DJ

    I don’t tend to post videos or reblog them – but some blogs do – you just have to explore BDSMLR’s other sites by following links you like.

    • 3 Tony

      I did check out many blogs but no videos. Tumbler has a lot of good videos.

      • 4 DJ

        I am not a champion or defender of BDSMLR but I have found quite a few but as with Tumblr they are in the minority compared to stills and moving gifs. Remember, this is new and has been going for a month it will take a while before you can compare it to Tumblr for content.

        If I stumble upon a particularly rich source i will reblog one over at the Annex so that you can follow it back.

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