Art for art’s sake, spanking for your sake


margot 1amarriedmasked 5medievalmedical-sadist-spanking-artmartin_van_maelemartinvanm1It has been a while since I ran a celebration of spanking art. Here is an eclectic mix.

The top image is by Hardcastle and the second by Patty. The last two are by an artist called Martin Van Maele, an early 20th century artist who explored a range of risque images including spanking. More on him in a separate article.

I am not sure who the other artists are, although the third image up with the sci-fi theme has the look of a Tarsis, one of the great spanking artists of the age.

6 Responses to “Art for art’s sake, spanking for your sake”

  1. Yes, the science fiction themed sketch is Brian Tarsis. It’s a depiction of a scene from a novel by Robert Heinlein, “I Will Fear No Evil”.

  2. 3 Mike

    Where may one see more art by Patty? She certainly knows how to draw!

  3. 5 Tony Elka

    The Brian Tarsis illustration depicting the spanking scene from author Robert Heinlein’s “I Will Fear No Evil” was commissioned by my company, Shadow Lane, and appeared in our magazine “Stand Corrected.”

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