c 20190109-05c img-20181110-wa0004-1c newteacherc russian_real_pin-ups_5c aaaspanking-a_tearful_detention-image-1c delco-harleycheatsfull-image-1It seems a little quiet this week, but maybe because I have been busy. Notwithstanding that I did manage two installments of In the Service of the Wolf and the Annex is growing well.

This week we can focus on three little projects that have not had much attention here. The first, you will soon hear more about is CLASS Ireland, run in part by pour good friend Kia Sera of Acknowledging Imperfection. This is an adult ‘school’ where you can go and be teacher, student or as I understand it, both. It has real venues, but is based in Ireland. But if you are, maybe you should check out the website.

Another is Italian Spanking, a creative endeavour that produces work that you have no doubt seen on the late Tumblr and other blogs. An example is included above.

Thirdly there is the Little Red School House.

I also had sympathy for Bonnie who despairs of the often ridiculous emails she receives. I can only sympathise.

Heart and Soul as another list of newly found spanking projects if you are looking for something else. I notice quite a lot have been started on Twitter these days.

I have also included images from Devlin, AAA and Only Spanking.

2 Responses to “Community”

  1. Great pictures, and thank you for the links! I had never visited some of these great sites.

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