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I see several more Tumblrs have been restricted and can only be viewed in a narrow frame in the dashboard. However, a great many have still avoided the cull, in most cases, I suspect, because they have a lot of text and a scattering of ‘vanilla’ images.

The latest victim is spanking toons, which I think can also be found on Deviant Art. I will update my link when I confirm this.

Quite a few people have redeployed to their Twitter accounts or have moved to BDSMLR, which given the set-up, as it is currently deployed, is probably not going to catch on.

CutiePie seems to have vanished, but I found a list of new blogs on Ronnie Soul.

The images this week are from Devlin, Chicago, Nik Zula, ASA Jones, AAA and Vanilla Spanking.

6 Responses to “Community”

  1. Love these pictures, especially the last one!

  2. 3 Loki Darksong

    Hopefully, with the same dedication that we gave to Tumblr, BDSMlr will take off and rival Tumblr. Right now it is in it’s infancy and still needs to grow.

    • 4 DJ

      Indeed lets hope so – needs more spanking and less whips and chains though 😉

  3. Hopefully BDSMlr with catch on an be even better than Tumblr in regards to we of the Kink Community. Currently it is just in its infancy and requires a lot of work to make it grow strong.

  4. It seems that Tumble was widened its net and is hiding previous posts now, it’s very frustration appealing each and every post but on the up side it is good to revisit them

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