Lizzie Baines: a 1950s spanked wife (part seven)


Lizzie Baines in trouble

Our story began here, if you missed the whole thing, and has been the most popular post to date. It finishes here:

The party slowly returned to some normality and the hubbub of voices began to grow louder. Only Amelia appeared to take any notice of the plight of the four women. I say appeared, because I cannot think that on some level or other that each of the small groups were not either watching or whispering about the four shivering bare behinds lined up on the porch.

“Has this ever happened before?” I gasped. “I thought they would be taken inside.”

I looked back at Susan and Mary-Louise who could not meet my eye.

“Let me think. There was that time at Susie’s engagement party. On that occasion it was Mary, Mary-Jane and Susie as well as, who was it? Oh yes me and weren’t you part of the show that time Mary-Lou?” Susan said dryly.

Mary-Louise grinned sheepishly glancing in the direction of the four hapless sisters in misery.

“We must not forget the time that, who was it now, oh yes Mary-Lou and I spiked the punch at Thanksgiving, oh what fun.” Susan continued sarcastically.

“That snitch Amelia.” Mary-Louise sighed. “Its funny that it never seems to be her turn.”

“What about Mary-Jane last summer?” Susan giggled.

“Now that was a classic.” Mary-Louise laughed.

“’I am sorry Ma but I am a grown woman with children of my own now.’” Susan mimicked Mary-Jane. “’I am far too old for a spanking.’”

“Ma chased her around the yard for 10 minutes while she kept yelling ‘you can’t do this’” Mary-Louise put in. “When she finally caught her she got a right royal spanking right there on the porch. She was spanked on the bare bottom until she promised to cut a switch and then some.”

“Ma cut a couple of her own and made her wait bent over the rail for an hour before she set to.” Susan completed the story in a fit of giggles.

“What had she done?” I asked caught up in the girl’s amusement.

“She told Ma that they couldn’t come to one of her gatherings because Henry had to work and one of the kids was sick or something like that. Only she told Henry that Ma didn’t mind if they didn’t go as she was kind of under the weather and might cancel anyway.”

“Fancy trying to play Ma off against Henry like that.” Susan was in hysterics. “I love her dearly but she can be so ditsy.”

The party continued but it started getting very cold and people soon began to move nearer the barbecue fires and the porch. Although I did notice that nobody else made to leave. It was becoming a bit surreal like a New Orleans burlesque show, with people laughing and drinking with the backdrop of four bare bottoms. Not that I had ever been to a burlesque show. I realised then that I never would, not if I was ever going to sit down again.

“It’s getting a mite cold. I have never known it get so cold before winter.” Ma said rubbing her shoulders.

Henry offered his coat but Ma shrugged it off.

“I’ll be warm enough soon after some exercise.”

The hubbub died down and the tension started to grow. I noticed Amelia prowling around the edge of the crowd to position herself for a good view. Ma walked up to the porch and picked up the switches from where she had left them.

“If you’ll excuse me I have some chores to do.” Ma said to no one in particular. “Now then ladies I’ll take the youngest first. Janey”

Janey made haste to leave the rail and come to her mother. She may have been stoic so far but her face was crimson in even in the porch light. She needed no prompting and bent right over the porch rail by Ma. This must have been the hardest thing because as she bent over she was eye to eye with her audience for a moment before her hair hid her face.

In this position, only the top of her bottom was visible, which made it rather less indecent, although she was bent so far over that there was still plenty to see. Amelia had opted to skulk about on the other side of the porch so she had a better view of the whole thing. For a moment I wished I were standing where she was, but thought better of moving, and wished I had manoeuvred myself to be better placed before. Then I blushed at my own, whatever it was, morbid interest?

The first switching began and right from the outset Janey must have known it would be bad. Bad I thought, I would be dead already in her place.

Janey gripped the porch rail supports with gritted teeth and growled in anger as the switch blazed its trail across her behind. The switch was longer and stouter than any I had yet seen, Ma must have been quite particular, and yet she was able to deliver the strokes at even pace as sure as the ticking of a clock. Within a minute Janey must have gotten 50 swipes and she was having trouble keeping her peace.

I could see a host of red ridges criss-crossing her bottom crowns as Janey descended into wet grunts. Some of the marks looked very raw and my own bottom contracted in sympathy. Never-the-less Janey held on and it took until five minutes into the switching that she finally broke and began to sob.

Thereafter she let out great yells over her sobs at each impact. Once she had began to cry Ma had slowed the pace and concentrated instead on reaching areas that she had missed, especially those mostly out of sight of the audience. Even so, I dreaded to think how many actual strokes she must have sustained.

Finally her switching was over and Ma helped her up. A look of anguish had replaced her one embarrassment and she quickly huddled into Ma’s arms.

“I am sorry Ma.” She wailed.

“I know, a pity you could not have been sorry before you sinned.” Ma sighed. “Now back and face the wall.”

The family went back to pretending that they had something else to talk about while Ma led a shivering Mary to her place over the rail. I had by then managed to move around to the side for a better view. I wasn’t disappointed and from the side with Mary slightly turned away I got a spanker’s-eye view of the action. I almost licked my lips but then I thought of Amelia and shuddered.

The pretend-we’re-not-watching audience fell silent again as Mary’s spherical bottom was wrapped almost lovingly over the rail. Ma paused for a moment, perhaps daunted by the task ahead, perhaps to admire the most magnificent derrière in the county.

Then the second switching began. Mary wasn’t proud, she had already been broken by the exposure and she yelped at each lash. Although her little yells had a slightly contrived note to them as if she were trying for some sympathy.

“I hope Ma teaches her different.” Came an unbidden thought. I blushed in shame as I licked my lips.

“Poor Mary.” I said aloud.

Ma had once said that she could raise welts like worms on a girl’s bare bottom and with the firelight playing across her flesh, the vivid ridges looked like wriggling worms. For her part Mary had long since lost any note of insincerity in her yelling and was sobbing hard.

By the time Mary had taken as many strokes as Janey, it was clear that only half her behind carried welts. I wondered if she would continue until her bottom matched Janey’s or would it been the number of strokes and the contrition that counted.

Ma must have pondered this one too because she opted for somewhere in between.

Mary was finally helped up and led sobbing back to face the wall. In an upright position many of the spaced welts moved closer together and those placed where she sat on her upper thighs now tended to meet. In any case if anyone was in doubt, her well whipped behind was now fully on show to everyone.

Now it was Susie’s turn, although she seemed to protest something.

“Please Ma not here.” She wailed.

It was in vain and she was soon in her place over the rail and she wept sincerely before the first stroke hit home. Again, Ma lay on fast even strokes that pulled screams and howls from her daughter-in-law like she plucking at guitar strings. Susie did not take it well. She struggled and stamped her feet while her hands snatched at the rail supports like they were levers that could release her from her ordeal.

I had not seen her bottom before, it was firm and high-set, the kind that was lost in lots of clothing but in a bathing costume or nude was pert and stood out in profile. With her already squealing and sobbing I hoped for her sake that Ma was looking to cover the area with welts and not playing a numbers game, because with her small bottom taking the strokes that Mary and Janey had to handle would cover her tail more than twice over.

I wondered if she would get the strop from Bill on top like she had asked. I thought I would like to see that. I wondered if George had a strop and if I could persuade him not to use it. I could probably handle a spanking like I had in New York now, but not a strop.

“You always thought you were too good for us didn’t you miss school teacher.” I heard Ma say, but her voice didn’t carry.

“Please Ma I’m sorry.” She responded. I guess Ma wasn’t done and she had other scores to settle.

As the whipping continued I realised that I was right about her bottom. It had begun to look very raw as the switch strokes overlaid forming a lattice. I fancied that she might even be bleeding in places.

“Ma.” Bill called. “Ma that’s enough.”

“Better stop now Ma.” Henry ordered. Ma stopped.

Bill led his wife away as she clung to him with great heaving sibs not meeting anyone’s eye, oblivious that her skirts were still pinned up in back and her underwear long since been kicked free.

“I doubt if she’ll be sitting on the way home.” Someone said. A few people laughed.

Cindy stepped forward unbidden.

“I am sorry Ma.” She said, as if there were nobody else present.

Cindy folded herself over the rail like a hinge so that she was bent in half and took a firm grip of the uprights. Her bottom was presented cheekily for correction and she had a demeanour that said ‘do your worst’. Ma suppressed a smile that suggested that this was an old game between them.

Her bottom was pert and high-set like Susie’s but larger and fuller, heading towards the Mary range. Pointing upwards it formed a perfect circle, but I think that Mary still had the edge when it came to the bottom honours. Although I suspected that Susie might win in a male vote.

Ma seemed intent on mastering her daughter and opted for a gravity assisted switching by letting the switch fall straight down on the upswept target. The rapid lacing soon resulted in vivid streaks across the whole range of Cindy’s two tight spheres, but for that moment, she showed no signs of reacting.

It was not until three or four minutes in that Cindy drew a sharp breath and then another. Thereafter her breathing became rapid and at each stroke she let out a loud grunt like sigh. I think everyone was taken by surprise when without warning a long sustained wailing could be heard, it took a moment to connect it to Cindy.

“Yah.” She squealed. Then ever faster like she was urging a horse on: “Oh yah, yah, yah, yah, yaaah.”

She had been the most stoic at the outset, but now she just issued with one continuous sob.

There was something soft about Ma’s face during this whole switching, like the punishment was a dance between two old partners that had been played out many times before. So when Henry became agitated and looked like he may intervene I knew he had missed it and Ma knew what she was doing.

By the time the punishment was over Cindy’s bottom was textured and a vivid red and the girl herself completely defeated.

As Ma gently helped her up all cockiness was gone and instead I just caught Cindy murmuring over and over: “Owie, owie, owie.”

The three remaining girls stood in a row sniffing with their very punished rear ends still displayed as Ma set about clearing the dished.

“Amelia, you’ve had your fun now come and help.” She said without a glance to where her youngest was lurking in the shadows.

Amelia started at this and blushed. I caught her eye and tried to give her a disapproving look but she just smirked back as if to say ‘I saw you looking’.

The guests began to drift away after that. Henry and I helped Ma and Amelia clear away.

“How are you getting home?” I asked realising that Bill had left.

“Yes Henry are you coming with us?” It was Susan.

He nodded and started his round of goodbyes.

“Quite a show.” Susan said as she waited. “You seemed to enjoy it.”

I blushed as I sought the right words to deny it. But she had already turned to go with a wink.

“Girls in and to bed.” Ma yelled out. “Cindy, Lizzie has your old room, use the guest room.”

All three punished backsides bent as one to retrieve their panties and then fell over themselves to get through the door at once.

Cindy agreed to come and live with us after that and she and I had much more in common than I thought. I volunteered to help her move her belongings and get the house ready for her tenants.

“Ma was rough on you the other night.” I said as she winced bending to pick up a scatter cushion that had fallen out of its box.

She blushed and pretended not hear me. I thought I had been insensitive but then she said in a quiet voice: “It was always like that.”

“What in the yard?” I gaped.

“No silly.” She laughed still blushing. “I have always got to be broken. I need it somehow. I think you know.”

“Me?” It was my turn to blush.

“We’re a close family we all talk, mostly about you this year. Ma has been hard on you and pretended to go easy.” She offered me a tight smile. “But you needed it didn’t you? Ma is a good judge.”

I had planned on carefully probing Cindy’s feelings about the other night, but she had turned the tables on me. I tried to be angry that my inner dilemmas and issues seemed to have been resolved and understood by everyone but me.

“You think Amelia is some kind of monster and that you are just like her.” Cindy smirked, for a moment it was the Amelia smirk.

I was stunned.

“She’s not. She is just young and in need of a few more spankings of her own to settle her down.”

I sat down and felt like crying but had no idea why.

“Is this what you talk about, when you talk about me I mean?” I said at last.

“Oh Christ no.” She wailed and gave me a hug. “That’s me taking after Ma and reading people.”

Her language shocked me, but then I saw there were tears in her eyes.

“Is it going to be bad?” She asked. “Missing Clark, I miss him so much.”

“Yes.” I said. It was all I could say still reeling from her insight and the rapid change in conversation.

“We’ll just have to muddle through together won’t we?” She smiled through her tears.

“You mean like putting cold cream on each others bottoms?” I teased.

“Oh I expect there will be a lot of need for that. Oh god what have I signed on for?” She rolled her eyes up.

“Lots of mouth soaping by the sound of it.” I laughed.

“One of my weaknesses. Ma could never cure me, so I guess you are right darn it.” She giggled. “See I am learning.”

“Seriously though, I get a lot of spankings from Clark because of it. Does George spank you by the way?”

I was beginning to realise that my new best friend Cindy was a butterfly and a loose talker. I suspected that she was going to talk us both into a lot of trouble in the coming months.

“And what was that crack you made about cold cream, have you and Mary been?”

I looked at her blankly and she waved her hand dismissively, for once not finishing her sentence.

“I’ll have to tell you about my cousin Annie and I sometime.” She grinned at me with raised eyebrows like she was offering me a treat.

My future was beginning to look very interesting.


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  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    This has been a great series.

    Of course more would be welcome, if you ever feel up to tacking those remaining fragments of the story and whipping them into shape!

  2. 2 paul1510

    Did Ma ever switch her sons? Enjoyed the story.

  3. 4 Elly

    More please;)

    I want to know if Amelia gets a spanking.

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    Great series. Please do continue.


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    I too would love this series to continue.

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    Please — more! This series is fantastic!!

  7. Domestic discipline Male led HOH is the right way.

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