Love Our Lurkers



8 Responses to “Love Our Lurkers”

  1. Poor girl looks a little cold, I think that someone needs to warm up her bottom 😀

  2. Silly girl to be out in the cold like that, yes, a firm hand on her bottom would help warm her cheeks but she needs a huge warm hug after that to make her feel warm all over. her bottom is positioned well for someone to come up behind he with a good hard spank. It is a beautiful bare bottom. Cheeks exquisite

  3. 5 Tony

    She is half way to the sorority house. Those beautiful milky white bottom cheeks will be turned scarlet if she gets caught naked in the street. She doesn’t realize that her big sister has planned for her to get caught. She will be going right past the Dean’s house on her way back. A call to the Dean’s wife has already been made. The poor girl won’t be cold for long.

  4. 6 Jimi

    Reminds me of Gerona in Catalan Spain. Possibly she has discovered that her holiday lover isn’t what she thought and has had to flee, with her clothes in her hands which were snatched away. In this pose she has run away and is catching her breath wondering what to do next, and how to get back to her hotel.

  5. 7 Alofa

    Hi DJ, i love lurking here, thanks for the great writings and the added bonus of insights and contemplations from Indigo. Any chance the folks on the Ad Astra will be coming out to play soon?

    Oh…and who stole that lady’s shoes? I think her hands are cold…

  6. 8 DJ

    Thanks everyone for dropping by 🙂

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