Love Our Lurkers


lurker2It is Love Our Lurkers Day. Originally begun by Bonnie I believe it has been taken up by Hermione and others since. It is an opportunity for everyone who does not comment to do so if they wish and to be appreciated if they prefer just to read discreetly.

This year it seems that the ‘Day’ is today and tomorrow. That might be something to do with the international dateline or something. Anyway, you get another chance and a pic to comment tomorrow and on Saturday there will be a story.

28 Responses to “Love Our Lurkers”

  1. 1 erotomane

    Hello again, Damian, and a huge thank you from me for your amazingly consistent blog; the quality of your story-telling never ceases to astound me!

    Perhaps you could let us know the current situation about hits — I seem to remember you hitting a million quite a while back.

    I am a bit of a secret viewer, so I’ll just make up a name for LoL Day and hope you won’t mind too much.

  2. How did I end up here, in this old car? I remember going to the bar, then the disco, ohhh I remember him now, the older man. God he was a stallion, oh no, where are my clothes? Shit! I’m naked! Ohhh it gets worse, I know this place, it’s my Daddy’s friends car place, I am round the back of it. Now if I can sneak to the window over there and get in, I know there some overalls and things.

    She creeps slowly across the pebbles when a voice she knows very well booms through the air…

    “Charlotte! Your Mummyhas been out of her mind with worry! Me too. You naughty girl, what on earth are you doing naked? Here, of all places! Get yourself here now young lady, you know what’s coming! This will be the spanking of your life! It’s no good cowering and trying to hide your shame, put your hands in your head and get here…now!!”

    The customers look, the windows in the building start to fill with people.

    This is going to be a very public naked spanking….

    Thank you for posting this lovely thought inspiring photograph.


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  3. Nice photo, very amusing, and yesterday’s post was great!
    love Jan,xx

  4. 4 tony

    Does this mean that the regular comment people can’t comment on the naked girl in the picture?

  5. Love the pic. I do lurker here from time to time but always enjoy my visit.

    Happy LOL day.


  6. Almost always read here. I may have commented now and again so I will say HI!

  7. Love the pic. I always stop by and like many, comment now and then. Always enjoy the visit though.

  8. 8 Tony

    What the heck, I’m going to comment on the picture even though I don’t think of myself as a Lurker. She is a pledge and the big sisters have dropped her off a few miles from the sorority house naked. She must get back without being caught or she will be in for a serious session with the paddle. I’m sure Damian understands my take on the picture subject.

  9. I am a nonlurker, but I will take the opportunity to say hello and thank you and Indigo both for your words words words that create such a compelling world. Love and hugs, Scarlet

  10. 10 mick9lan

    Thanks for keeping up the great work…I check quite often- and there’s always something good to read or see.

  11. 11 Giles

    Mostly lurking but loving your stories (and Indigo’s increasingly confident contributions). Here’s a rare comment to add my superfluous vote of confidence to your visitor’s book. Thumbs up,

  12. I agree with everybody,s reponses and like how that person is looking forward naked.

  13. 13 Kelly Lee

    Love reading everything 🙂 thank you (stateside) for everything! Found you about two months ago. Cheers

  14. Happy LOL Day DJ! Even those of us who pop up from time to time can well use the reminder to say hello every once in a while 🙂

  15. Happy LOL Day. Many thanks, DJ and Indigo. It’s always fun to visit you.

  16. 16 Downunder Don

    Hi DJ & Indigo,
    I visit often and avidly read…but I rarely comment. Your stories are just so good that I don’t think I ever have anything to add.

  17. 17 Ripley

    Hi DJ,
    I was a lurker here for a long time. I finally de-lurked a few months ago. I still mostly lurk, leaving comments once in a while. I don’t always know how to respond or exactly what I want to say so I end up saying nothing. I’m a perfectionist and a procrastinator too. Not a good combo! So I lurk. But I love your blog. You amaze me with your generosity and the sheer volume of stories that you write. Not to mention the quality and variety of said stories. And I love the addition of Indigo’s posts. Her writing is so thought provoking. So thank you from a loyal lurker.

  18. I only lurk now and again with some of the voice in the corner because either the story does not catch my fancy or the pictures don’t appeal to me and I am still getting used to making comments on the ones I don’t be lurking I am ever so happy I found the voice in the corner It evokes many a spanking scene for me

  19. Hope your LOL Day (or two) is enjoyable filled with de-lurkers!

  20. DJ & indigo –

    I really enjoy your blog and am amazed by the volume of your writing. I just wish I had more time to real all your stories! I’ve commented on occasions so I don’t feel like a lurker.


  21. 21 Lindy Thomas

    dropping in to say hello for LOL day. been a lurker and reader of yours for a while but don’t usually comment.
    Cheers Lindy from DOWNUNDER DREAMING

  22. Always stop by-enjoy it!

  23. Thank you for joining our tenth Love Our Lurkers Day!


  24. 25 DJ

    Hello everyone – thank you for signing in and saying hi. Lots of kind words and encouragement. Too many to respond to individually but thanks again.


  25. Hey I guess I lurk again these days too – I never intend to, I guess it just happens as there’s only so many times I can say “I really liked this story” without it getting repetitive.

  1. 1 Happy We Love Our Lurkers Day « Grumpy old fart!!!

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