Consequences II



Part I

Janice had been waiting in endless near-terror for so long that the opening door took her by surprise.

“Miss Benton,” a dark sharp voice called from within.

Janice made an affirmative choking sound in response and leapt to her feet so that the hot rush of blood to her head almost made her faint. “Yes,” she spluttered again more coherently this time.

“This way please,” the man in the doorway said.

His voice was hard and serious, matching his eyes with its tone of severe disapproval. He was tallish and heavy set in a way that made him look out of place in the dark grey suit he wore, but he had had lively bright grey-blue eyes that appraised her sternly from under thick heavy brows and thick grey-flecked hair.

At least he wasn’t too young, Janice thought as she weighed up the 40-something adjudicator. Anyone even close to her own age would have been too much. But then maybe that would have been deserved too, she corrected herself, after all she had no say in this and that was how it should be.

The man guided her through the door with the lightest touch to her arm and closed it behind her as he lead her into a bright modern office with a fresh pine desk and a leather couch.

“Sit down,” he said indicating a chair facing the desk.

Janice made to swallow and did as she was told.

“My name is Thomas Drayton. You will call me Mr Drayton or Sir, I trust that is clear,” he said as she nodded. “Did you want to hand in your appeal form or ask for mitigation?” he asked as she sat facing him.

Janice sucked in air and let her mouth hang open before merely shaking her head.

“Are you sure?” Drayton pressed her.

Janice gave a small nod.

“Very well,” he said in a now paternal voice and allowed his mouth to form into a firm line. “Tell me what you expect here today.”

Janice was suddenly thrown into consternation, what did he want her to say?

“Eh…” she spluttered, “Aren’t you going to… you know… sp-span s-spank me?”

“Perhaps,” he laughed, “If you mean that in the American sense. But haven’t you already been put across Mr Clark’s knee for a good spanking?”

Janice blushed.

“Let me outline today for you,” he continued. “First we will begin with a prolonged session with you bent over the padded bench,” Drayton said brightly as he smiled. “This will of course be administered to your bare bottom,” he said as the smile vanished.

Janice let out a long slow breath and then sucked it back as if her air might escape.

“You will be strapped, some of which will be with an abrasive strap to tender you somewhat. Then there will be corner time while you recover, followed by a paddle spanking perhaps. Any questions so far?” Drayton said brusquely.

Janice stared at him dumbly and then blinked hard.

“The first part of the serious punishment will be with a birch, medium grade,” he added, “The beast as we call it, is for hard cases, so put any thoughts of a judicial thrashing out of your head. The medium birch is known as a governess rod.”

“I see,” Janice said woodenly by way of making a contribution and not to seem dumb.

“Yes it will hurt, especially after 36 strokes, so you had better not court penalties eh,” Drayton allowed himself a smile.

“Thirty… six, yes Sir,” Janice parroted, not really taking it in. “You said the first part of the… eh… serious punishment…?”

Drayton looked at her as if she were simple and frowned. Then he made to scribble something down on an island of paper on his desk top.

“Yes, after some more corner time of course, just to let you steady down,” he said matter-of-factly, “Then you will be caned.”

Janice gulped.

“Of course if you can’t handle it or we have misjudged your fortitude, we will reschedule the second part, but it is usually better to get it over with don’t you think?” he said encouragingly.

“Oh yes,” Janice nodded almost eagerly, “Is that all then?” she added.

Drayton frowned. He thought it was quite sufficient for a first serious offence, one might say too much. But then he remembered the augmentation she might not be aware of.

“You know that the whole operation will be filmed?” he said, “Injured parties will be permitted to stand witness and the recording’s available online, protected of course…”

Janice blanched, but compared to the office spanking of before it was bearable, she supposed. She shook her head and shrugged.

Drayton smiled back and made a sympathetic face.

“Wh-what about the third part of my… p-punishment?” Janice asked.

“The third part?” he frowned.

“They said… that is Mr Clark…” Janice said hesitantly.

“Oh I see what you mean,” Drayton said casually, “Welllll,” he drawled, “It is pretty much a repeat of what you know about until you are off probation, but I think we should save those details until after. I mean you do know how this works? Just focus on one day at a time.”

Janice had no idea, or so she had told herself. But actually she knew things could be uncomfortable until at least next summer and her next revue. She had no doubt that another spanking or two were on the cards before then whatever she did. But she did not know what shape the third structured part of her punishment would be, or hadn’t until Drayton’s hint.

“Look, don’t worry about it,” Drayton said almost kindly, as he continued. “I have seen many girls like you, as I said, take it one day at a time and you will be fine. After all you did know what to expect… didn’t you?”

His stern manner was rather paternal, she thought. “Yes Sir,” she answered him with a shy smile.

“Tell me, are you accepting this as the lesser of a dozen evils, or do you think you deserve it?” he asked as he leaned back in his chair and folded his arms.

“I…” Janice looked away and dug deep for some honesty, before saying, “Both I think. I mean it is this or no bonus, which like everyone else’s where it relates to the client I lost will be docked anyway. But I did cost the firm a lot of money and… and my colleagues too. I want to get on; I want to make amends… I…”

Drayton rescued her with a nod and a smile.

“I understand,” he said. “So, shall we begin?”


Janice shivered a little as she hugged into the cool green leather. She was wearing only a white cotton ‘hospital gown’ that barely covered her behind when closed, but now gaped open where it was tied back to her hips through two small loops. Not that was why she shivered, the room was warm enough, even her mouth was dry. But her tummy was doing cartwheels and the skin of her exposed behind tickled expectantly.

Her knees were on a padded ‘shelf’ set below a tilting padded surface that served to her elevate her bottom. There were some wrist cuffs on either side at her head end but Drayton hadn’t employed them and instead she had reached down to grab a pattern grip chrome bar set under the adjustable bench.

“Now Miss Benton,” Drayton said firmly, “I want you to keep your thighs together but allow them to relax… that’s it and push your bottom up a little more; more please, that’s it arch your back… good.”

Janice was blushing as she adopted the extreme posture and her hands clenched and unclenched on the bar.

“I am going to apply some oil to your bottom, it will feel a little cold,” he told her as Janice heard a hissing sound and felt a sudden rain of cool moisture on her behind. “This will lubricate the skin and allow for a more sustained application of leather.”

“Leather?” she breathed, her eyes rolling wildly as she tried to look back at what he was doing.

“Now I want you to keep facing forward. Pick a spot on the wall and focus,” Drayton said gently.

Time hung suspended for a time and Janice tried to forget Drayton was there as she concentrated on the wet caress that tickled her bottom. It was almost pleasant, she thought. Find the alpha zone, she told herself, and for a moment she closed her eyes dreamily and let her upper teeth travel along her lower lip to test for sensation.

The sudden sting came with a thunderous crack that rocked her. She was still wrestling with the extreme startle when the impossible burn set in, and in, and… oh my lord Jesus Henry flipping Christ, she shouted in her head. The tang licked her bottom like little flames and for a moment or two her flesh was consumed by them as the pain grew.

Janice wasn’t ready for the next thwack and it stole her breath. She rode the burn like an ocean wave and felt like a surfer about to wipe out but couldn’t. Instead she was propelled helplessly onwards into the searing.

“Doing well,” Drayton said casually as he added to the heat.

“Nyah,” Janice gasped in response, a sound she was to make at each impact over the next few minutes.

By the end of this opening ordeal she was breathing heavily as the ocean of pain released her to the world.

“Good, very good,” Drayton said as he put the short hard leather strap back down on the desk. “Your bottom is the most magnificent red,” he added admiringly, “Here let me show you.”

As he spoke a screen on the wall she hadn’t noticed became her bare bottom, all thrust up and round. The scene was an alien one to her and she noted the pasty white of her skin under the lights. But he was right; on the crowns of her bottom were two startling ovals of crimson that extended over her whole behind and well under the curves to her thighs.

“Sore isn’t it?” he said sympathetically.

Janice nodded but had no breath yet to speak.

“This next strap has a harsh texture to it,” Drayton said as he was moving on. “I’ll apply some more oil, but this next experience can be somewhat abrasive. But don’t worry, I am quite the expert and you will suffer no ill effects… well beside the obvious one of course.”

“Oh God,” Janice groaned and shifted her knees.

This time she stared hard at the spot on the wall and braced herself.

“By the way, do you want to appeal?” Drayton asked matter-of-factly.

A determined-faced Janice shook her head vigorously and took a deep breath as if about to dive for pearls.

“Well I won’t ask you again, but if you change your mind just sing out ‘I appeal’ or something like that. Think of it as your safe word,” he said and then smiled as if he had made a joke.

“A what?” she replied, somewhat puzzled. She wished he wouldn’t keep asking her about that appeal, it was cruel, she just wanted to get it over with.


3 Responses to “Consequences II”

  1. 1 Svetlana

    “A what?”

    I love it when a character is completely clueless about the kind of movie she is starring. 🙂

    Somehow Drayton reminds me of Drake from Spankmanship, and I don’t think it’s just the name!

  2. I like picture1.

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