Go Away


just spankedMy first mistake was not believing him when he said he was going to spank me. I never thought he had it in him. Christ he must have spanked me for an hour, well it seemed like it. I don’t think I’ll sit down for a week. I mean the others will be back soon, what if they had come in while he was spanking me?

The bastard took my knickers down and spanked my bottom purple, ooh ugh I can’t… ouch. Lord knows where they ended up. I must have kicked them off somewhere.

My second mistake was calling him a bastard the moment he let me go. The spanking I got for that was worse than the first one.

“Okay, okay, I’ll be a good girl,” I told him, but my bottom definitely paid the price for my smart mouth. Why can’t I ever learn?

My third mistake was telling him I wasn’t going to go to the corner like a dumb kid. I mean it was too embarrassing. Three spankings in less than an hour has to be some kind of record. I can’t believe I went like a lamb when he sent me to bed. God, I’ll never live it down if anyone finds out.

At least I got out of that corner before anyone else came home. In any case, I wasn’t exactly in the mood to sit down and watch TV let alone go out for the evening. But it is still embarrassing, but at least I have a chance to let my bottom cool off.

Oh shit, I just realised my fourth mistake, I could have sworn I locked that bloody door.

“Go away,” shit, shit, shit. I am never ever going to live this down.

One Response to “Go Away”

  1. Love this one! “Okay, okay i’ll be a good girl” should be the line that solves everything…

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