The Corner in Real Time


real corner time real corner time real corner time real corner timeDoesn’t time fly when you are having fun? Of course when one is under sanction it tends to drag.

Now I have heard of spanking being fun (for the recipient I mean) but mostly, for the women I know anyway, it is just a necessary evil and need that must be met when misbehaviour dictates thus.

Corner time for submissives, rarely fun exactly at the best of times (except for moi Lol), definitely falls under that category. Quite literally real corner time can be a real drag.

Now in one of my sorties into Flickr, Facebook, Twitter etc, etc (the real people end of the Internet – well you know what I mean) I have stumbled upon many, many actual spanking relationships of all kinds and I have been surprised at how many young women fess up to the world and put actual ‘I have been a bad girl and sent to the corner’ pictures up.

Of course many of these are girlfriends of toppy boyfriends and one suspects a good many are drawing on BDSM games, but others have been snapped by siblings, buddies and the aforesaid partners for the purposes of shame and the like. In a lesser publication they have been featured in a section called reader’s wives or under the heading amateur spanking.

So to this end I have collected a short season of these ‘amateur’ or real images which have been added to others sent in by Kate and Sam and will be publishing them over two or three posts. I cannot vouch for them all as being genuine and no doubt someone in the know will brake cover and suggest some are movie stills and that is fine. Ultimately an evocative image is an end in itself and I only publish them in this spirit and because they have that real feel to them.


7 Responses to “The Corner in Real Time”

  1. 1 distinguisheddago

    OK! We will wait with shortened breath!!!

  2. 2 DJ

    do I detect a hint of sarcasm 😉 ?

  3. all of them look like me !

  4. 5 Alyssa

    Don’t know about the others but pic #1 is real. This pic is part of a vid taken by (what i assume is her brother) and posted to youtube (now deleted) about 8 years ago. The original video actually included the spanking. It wasn’t anything like porn – more of a messy, extremely shaky, blair-witch type of deal. The girl got spanked for lying to her mother about going out with friends. The quality was very poor and about what you’d expect from a real home vid of this sort of thing. There was a lot of yelling, and all 3 people were constantly talking over each other. The girl was definitely not happy about being spanked and kept yelling at her brother to put down the camera – all the while mom was yelling at her.

    You can hear in the videographers voice as he makes fun of his sister that he is clearly amused. It’s obviously a teenage boy behind the camera. In the original vid mom made her bend over the table – seen off to the right side, and gave her about 100 surprisingly hard spanks with a ping pong paddle. This wasn’t a porn spanking.. For the first 20 spanks or so, the girl wouldn’t stay still and kept putting her hand back to cover her butt on every other spank. it was only after the mom started spanking her thighs that the girl calmed down. Then she sits still and takes approx 70 more spanks without moving much and in relative silence. When she gets up you can see that she’s crying. The spanking is bare butt – however the girl is allowed to pull up her pants to go to the corner. Total time you could see her bare butt was about 7 min. Then mom tells her to go to the corner and she practically runs there. She gets to the corner bare butt, then quickly pulls up her spandex and panties. that must have been ok cause nobody said anything. The mom tells her to stand there till her father gets home.

    You hear laughing and taunting from the younger brother, then the mom starts yelling and asking him if he wants to join her. That’s when the vid ends, as the boy filming it didn’t want to get spanked himself. The girls name is mentioned at least a dozen times in the original vid, but I do not remember what the heck it was. The still pic seen above was one of several that was taken from the vid and attached to the set in a later yahoo groups but that’s also been deleted for years.

    In the vid about 5 seconds after the pic seen here she was told to put her hands on her head. When she doesn’t do it right away mom walks over to the corner and gives her about 10 more spanks over her pants, then yanks the pants down for another 10 more spanks. After that the pants stay down while the girl is in the corner. Mom makes it clear multiple times that the girl is going to get spanked again by dad when he comes home. All the while the girl is crying, and saying “I’m sorry” through her sobs.

    [I cut this down a bit but thanks for the info – Ed]

    • 6 DJ

      Thanks DJ – so its true – a girl is never too old. I am glad the Vid got taken down though – evil brother. If you remember the name keep it to yourself . 😉

      • 7 DJ

        I just looked this up in case I had a source reference. I hauled this off twitter from a ‘college girl’ account. The source date matches yours and in my note it was run with the message ‘things I don’t miss about home, corner time sucks, but I guess I should watch my smart mouth.’ which also matches your info.

        I hope that helps.

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