Weekly Round-Up


spankingspanking spanking spanking spankingIt is that time again and a busy weekend means this week’s round-up is late.

Lots of new stuff pending, but not finished, including a new short story collection on LSF.

I noticed that Stan at the French blog Au Fil des Jours (pictured above) has reached 14 million page views since 2006; quite an achievement, congratulations Stan.

Cherry Red has a good round-up of spanking picture galleries.

You can also review and obtain a copy of Abigail Armani’s new book. She sent me previous book to promote sometime back, but it got lost in that downtime I had.

Pictures this week are from Acknowledging Imperfection, About Spankings, Free Spanking and Scarlet’s Real Magic.

2 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. 1 cindy2

    I particularly like the first image and the fourth, despite the fact that that there are worlds of difference between them.

  2. 2 PDBB

    I like the first and fifth and here are the reasons: They both appeal to my fervent fantasy filled desire to be a raconteur and I find the *stories* these scenes begin to reveal more to my leanings. In Five, the callipygian woman’s bottom does beg for attention and it looks like an older woman is about to give her what she deserves. She has somewhat of a look of apprehension as she ascends the stairs to meet her fate. Certainly of an age that should preclude being dealt with in such a fashion, she offers no more than token resistance to being led upstairs and spanked. Will she be led down again, this time crying and displaying a red backside even more pronounced and swollen and made an *example* of for family and friends, unable to do anything about the way it *sticks out*?
    And then there is the premier one that announces 14,000,000 views. A young lady already soundly spanked made to do an uncomfortable penance *isolated in public*. I’ve always found corner time intriguing. One, because it’s hard time. especially so if your suffering in pain, the time goes by so slowly. Nude corner time gives you so much more to focus on as the pain in one place abates and your uncomfortable forced position begins to *nag*, all the while you become more acutely aware of your nude state, as degrees of embarrassment begin. And heeding the warning that it will start from the beginning, with another spanking and a resetting of the punishment clock, the miscreant does her best to comply.
    I remember extended time outs and hated them almost as much as I feared a *promised* continuation of the spankings I had received if I did not fulfill the terms of the punishment (nose in the corner and at attention). Luckily the requirement of displaying your well spanked, fully naked backside, I did not suffer but the humiliation of your position was bad enough. And time went by so slowly.

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