Vintage Sunday


spanking spanking spanking

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  1. 1 Richard

    Mush enjoy your pic. especialy the vintage ones spankings took place more common more often in my fathers day than today But i’m sure as long as theirs a man and women on this planet one will end up over the others lap

  2. 2 Ann Blake

    Oh my, that last image could be of me over my step-mothers knee. She married my father my last year in high school. We moved into her large gracious home with the condition that she would be the disciplinarian when and if needed. My father readily agreed. I had never been spanked in m life and suddenly I was told by both of them that if I disobeyed them or broke any household rules I would find myself over my step mothers knee in The ” tradition sense” of the word. These were not quick spankings but timely,measured, serious events that resulted in my sporting a very red,sore, painful bottom for several days. I was horrified and humiliated beyond belief when she buttoned my pants and pulled them down my legs then guiding me over her ample lap. My father would take a seat across from her offering his guidance if needed. I understood quickly that they were in complete agreement on my need for an Old fashioned sound spanking. I was mortified at being placed in this childish position while they discussed events during the day. The first time I felt my step mother tuck her fingers under my waste and of my panties I almost rained in embarrassment. Of course I tried to push her away only to have my father hold me down over her knees while she continued to pull my panties slowly down while commenting on such a large bottom would need quite a Long warming before a true spanking could start. Now with my panties down and my bare bottom over her lap, my father holding me in place while I twisted and swore at her, she took a large wooden spoon and deftly slapped my mottos twice causing me to scream blood murder. I broke out in tears, shreaking. ” Settle down young lady or your entire spanking will be done with this spoon. Your lack f obedience right now is only adding to your punishment and proof how in need you are of a well spanked bottom. In shock I stopped twisting and quietly sobbed, understanding I had no choice . Having my panties down while displaying my very bare bottom was already having the desired effect, I was not in control. My father let go trusting I was aware that anymore outburst would receive a worse thrashing. Now compliment my new step mom calmly reiterated that she was going to give me a very warm bottom and that this would help me understand the consequences of disobedience. She gently patted my bare bottom while telling me how a good sound spanking was the best way to understand who was in control and who was not. She then slowly started spanking me with the palm of her hand, one cheek then the other, pausing in between slaps and positioning her slaps so that all my bottom was covered. They didn’t hurt too much and I felt relief that I was not in severe pain. After a few minutes I became aware of the soreness and began to shift. As if that was a cue for my steo mom, she increased the tempo and strength of the slaps. I now began to moan, and bounce my bottom in pain. She then tightened her grip around my waist and commented to my father that my color was coming up nicely. She lifted her knee up a bit and announced ” time to take this home.” I suddenly felt a sharp thrash of fast hard slaps in a row on one side of my bottom, making me cry out bad beg for her to stop. The slaps were followed by harder slaps on the other side in a row, creating an awful burn and pain. Over and over she went from side to side then recreating this terror on the tops of my thighs. I gave way to kicking my legs and pumping my bottom like a child while crying out to my ” Mommy” that I was sorry. She just continued wailing on my sore bottom, announcing that someone was indeed learning a lesson. After what seemed like hours ( maybe 20 min) she stopped while I lay spent over her knees sobbing like a baby. ” Young lady your bottom has been soundly warmed and is primed for your spanking. John, please bring me that wooden hairbrush, our little girl is ready for her spanking now.” I begged for her to stop and could not imagine receiving another spank. My step mother placed the back if the brush in my bottom while I tried to control my sobs. ” I want you to remember this spanking so the next time you think about disobedience you will have this moment to reflect on. Is it worth it? I would not be doing a good job if I didn’t make quite on impact on you to help you make the right decision now would I”? ” Certain ladies need a well spanked bright red sire bottom to learn their Ps and Qs.” With that she struck down on my tender crimson cheek causing me to yelp like a Banshee. This spank was followed by 5 more causing me to scream,cry and buck my hot bottom. She quickly followed 4 more on the tops of my thighs making me cry out in pure agony. I lay over her knee weeping while my father got up and kissed his bride. ” I hope this teaches you a good lesson Sarah. I have been remiss in my disciplining of you and your new step mother is going to correct all that so you better wise up. I love you but understand now how much you needed this spanking “. He then went downstairs. My step mother commented on how I was sporting quite a well spanked bottom. She then pulled my panties up and told me to get ready for bed in my pajamas lie on my bed..( sunny sued up). She would be in shortly to ” cream my cheeks.” I cried as I put my pjs on and lay on top of my bed in pain and utter shame. She then came in and placed two pillows under me, pulling down my pajama bottom. Again the embarrassment of having her once again look at my bare bottom and the act of feeling her pulled down my bottoms unhinged me. She pushed the pillows up so my bottom was pronounced. I watched her unscrew a large blue container of noxema and scoop out a large dollop and place it on my cheeks. It burned like the dickens and I cried out while twisting out from her touch. She pulled out the wooden spoon once again and slapped my red bottom. ” Keep your bottom still young lady. This is the best thing for a well spanked bottom and a sure fire way to make sure this lesson is remembered. It will sting for a good half hour then fade away. It will help keep your red color for several days keeping a wonderful reminder of what happens to naughty little girls with big bottoms .” I want you to sleep with your creamed cheeks bare like this all night. That way when you wake up in the middle of the night you will instantly remember what the price of being bad is. Tomorrow morning I will come in with a warm wet cloth and wash and dry your red bottom.” I cried most of the night and felt even more humiliated in the morning as she washed my bare bottom while I lay on my bed with my big sore bottom pushed out like a baby. Knowing she could see all my privates and had complete control over me made me Ill with shame. I was spanked several times exactly like that by my step mother through the years. It was quite rare but always memorable and awful,painful and humiliating. The worst part is I needed it each and every time. Over her knee with panties down we both understood is what it took for me to behave.

  3. 3 cindy2

    Ann, your detailed description of how your stepmom disciplined your bare bottom as an adult was so welcome. Despite the humiliation and pain she required you to endure–as she slowly lowered your panties and revealed you to her, as she was able to see your privates, as she made you writhe, and as she applied the painful cream to your bottom only to remove it the next morning–I think you summed it up in the last sentence of your post when you said that both you and your stepmom knew that this ordeal is what you required to make you behave. As you said, there is a price for misbehavior, and she exacted that price from you, a price that hopefully will make you a better girl in the future.

    I can identify with your ordeals Ann, in that for several years of my early adulthood, my mother continued to apply corporal discipline to me. The shame, the humiliation, and the pain were acute, but as in the case of you and your stepmom (and perhaps your dad), the sessions were necessary and actually brought us closer together. It is so good that your stepmom played such an intimate role in helping you. Sometimes we must cry, we must suffer shame to be a better person. And sometimes the crying and the shame results from intimate experiences such as bare-bottom spankings.

    • 4 Ann Blake

      I’m glad you understand that although it was incredibly painful and excruciatingly shameful I needed these discipline sessions to learn to follow directions and respect rules. The spanking itself hurt and was definitely not easy at all to endure but that was not the most painful aspect of my punishment. My stepmothers complete calmness and organized and thorough manner of setting up the spanking, delivering it and finally sitting back and observing my big bottom clenching after she creamed it truly taught me obedience. I saw the absolute connection between misbehaving and losing my independence. Once I crossed the line my stepmother had the right to take down my pants, pull down my panties, Rub my bottom, spank my bottom, cream my cheeks, spread my legs slightly when my clenching became cumbersome ( to her) and place me in a position ( hips over two pillows) that truly gave quite a view which she appeased for a good half hour while I sobbed from the stinging noxema. I once asked her to leave me alone while I withered in shame and pain from the stinging cream. Her response was to spread my thighs slightly apart and move her chair closer to get a more intimate look. Once again I learned Who was in charge ! If I looked up while thrashing from the sting I could catch her reflection in a dresser mirror, eyes directed at my very large tender bottom with an ever so slight smile. She found this last part of my punishment quite satisfying, the rocking of my hips,bottom arching up and down while slightly kicking my feet. Her eyes were always 100% focused on my bareness and what was between my cheeks. Placed in that kind of submissive position taught me true humility, abject with large tears in my eyes but an excellent lesson for a disobedient daughter. Did you learn humility under your mothers firm hand?

  4. 5 DJ

    Thanks for the long contributions certainly sparked a resposne šŸ™‚

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