Reality Bites


spanked at weddingYAO spanked at airport real drilled-paddleswitchedReal waiting on a bed real otk spankingThe title is a pun on sound bites really, only these are picture bites. Most of these pictures were sent in by Sam and were labelled real. They certainly look real enough or at least have an authentic feel.

Most are just horseplay it would seem. The bride being spanked at a wedding has been collared with her groom’s tie and he is setting the tone for their life together.

There are two sorority pictures. The one at the airport is just girls having fun, but look at the second picture. Again just horseplay, but look closely at the paddle; it has erratically drilled holes that suggest some serious use for the implement. The amateur nature of this paddle and the state of the room do not suggest a professional shoot either. If this is not a real paddling in progress, then one has or will be administered with that implement.

The picture of the rather uncertain looking woman about to be switched is apparently ‘a volunteer on a fact-finding visit in Africa.’ I once worked with a man who had spent a gap year in Africa helping to improve female student teachers’ English. He had been most dismayed to be handed a cane-like object and authorised to use it with the caution ‘to avoid the hands.’ He said he was younger than some of the girls. Suffice to say he never used it; but he says he saw canes in action.

The remaining pictures came together with the caption ‘my sister about to be spanked by her boyfriend.’ It is not clear which image the words apply to, although the bed scene has a more genuine feel. The other might not be real, although it does have an authentic air about it.

There is no ‘proof’ of the origin of any of these images, so as ever you decide.

3 Responses to “Reality Bites”

  1. How did I miss this one? The pic on the bottom looks authentic. The distress on the girls face and awkward positioning is priceless.
    Do tell more about this >a volunteer on a fact-finding visit in Africa<

  2. 2 chross76

    Mhm. The last spankee might be the former spanking model Keegan.

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