A DD postscript


spnking spankingThere were a couple of left over snippets left over from this week’s DD spanking guide. They were left out because the article went in a different direction. But since they add to the debate and are passably amusing; not to mention that they give us an excuse to run the two cute on-topic pictures above here they are in no particular order.

In an aside on the CDD and spanking in marriage debate one of the commentators chipped in with the comment ‘hands off my booty.’

“So you wouldn’t be spanked by your husband then?” asked one of the other debaters.

“I didn’t say that,” says the first.


“Forget I spoke.”

Further to the revelation that more than 50% of bath brushes are sold by Body Shop are for spanking purposes this was stumbled upon on a vanilla beauty forum from 2006.

(Edited and paraphrased from comments into a conversation).

“I can’t find a proper bath brush, any ideas anyone?” asked one woman.

“You can get a pretty decent wooden one from Walmart,” came a reply.

“I tried there but they have the wrong kind of head.”

“What do you mean?”

“I need one with a flat head.”

“Sorry I don’t get it.”

At this point a third commenter says: “She means one that can be used for spanking I think. I had the same problem.”

“Is that what you mean?” asked the second woman.

The first woman has yet to reply.

So out there in suburbia couples are quietly experimenting it would seem.

One Response to “A DD postscript”

  1. 1 Mike

    If they’re all experimenting quietly they may have missed a page or two of the instruction manual.

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