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While casting around the forums I noticed a debate about the merits and supposed evils of spanking and enjoying reading about such things. Inevitably some said the contributors were all sick. One wonders why they bother to hang around such blogs at all. I was struck by one woman who seemed to trump these arguments […]

A DD postscript


There were a couple of left over snippets left over from this week’s DD spanking guide. They were left out because the article went in a different direction. But since they add to the debate and are passably amusing; not to mention that they give us an excuse to run the two cute on-topic pictures […]

Lizzie Baines is about southern punishments in the US South in the 1950s. Here is a contemporary account from a modern woman from the South. Here are two posts from a 32-year-old women called Alex on a recent spanking forum. I was sitting at the kitchen table in a pair of his boxers and a t-shirt, […]