Corner Time Sunday


corner timecorner time corner time corner time corner time corner time corner timecorner timeThere was a random email from Clare (thanks Clare). She dropped a very brief line to say ‘spanking and corner time are good even when they are bad. I was once put in the corner at work with a colleague by our boss because we wouldn’t stop arguing. It was soooo embarrassing. Love the blog, keep up the good work.’

Let’s hope she gets back in touch in comments with the rest of that story. She is not the only one. I have it on good authority that Bunny girls were sometimes put in the corner at work.

The pictures above are from a range of sources and not the usual re-treads you sometimes see. Clare provided a hook and an excuse to run them out.

9 Responses to “Corner Time Sunday”

  1. 1 cindy2

    I agree wholeheartedly with Clare that spanking and being put in the corner can be really embarrassing and good in a strange way as well as bad. Although it never occurred to me at work, it did occur elsewhere and on more than one occasion there were observers, and the presence of the observers put even more butterflies in my tummy.

  2. 2 DJ

    I think corner time at work is unusual – although elsewhere it is de rigeur – so watch yourself. 😉

  3. 3 cindy2

    Elsewhere corner time is in fact de rigeur, DJ, and it is necessary to watch myself, especially with the knowledge that others may also be watching me when my bare punished bottom is exposed after a proper spanking.

  4. Corner time is a very important part of any corporal punishment given to a naughty female. The humiliation of showing her bare bottom before or after a spanking is sometimes as painful, as the spanking itself. And should be used more often.

  5. 5 darrone

    Bunny Girls put in the corner at work? It’s known that a strict code of conduct applied in the clubs, with the “Bunny Mothers” imposing fines and demerits for lateness and presentation faults. Is there evidence of Bunnies being spanked and subjected to corner time?

    • 6 DJ

      I have no evidence that it happened officially.

      During an anniversary review on British TV ex-bunnies talked about being made to face the wall by “Bunny Mothers” and managers and one said she was spanked when her father found out she had become a bunny. Several of the women nodded ruefully when she said this – draw your own conclusions.

      I do not know remember the TV show – I bet it is on You Tube somewhere.

  6. 7 Rikki

    Just curious where the 3rd picture from the top comes from. She’s a dead ringer for Marlene Dietrich: For comparison, see

    • 8 DJ

      You may be right – I think Marlene did some nudes – perhaps it is her – although many people must have styled themselves on her during that era.

  7. 9 PDBB

    Oh the stories that pictures seven and eight (the last two on the list) conjure up in my mind. For instance, the last one could be a *babysitting* service for that big girl that just will not listen and mind at school, work or home. But she does what she’s told at the center – Now!
    And the penultimate picture absolutely drives me crazy. Imagine a stepmother who has the presences and the where-with-all, after many warnings, setting the limits and showing the disrespectful little miss she finally went too far.Now being read the *riot act* and to make no mistake to what’s coming and what she can expect for the foreseeable future. Dissolving her last bit of bravado.
    But there are many more stories contained here.

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