The law of the birch


awaiting the birchbirching the mistressawaiting the birchThree pictures supplied by TipTopper on the theme of the birch.

The first has the look of a school teacher about to hand out justice. The young women you will notice are halfway to being flappers, with only their hair in a more conservative style. Perhaps it is their short skirts that have run them into hot water.

The ‘angry Papa’ of the second picture has the look of a line drawing from an early gentlemen’s magazine and may be in fact be the disciplining of a mistress or wife.

The final picture is an engraving from an oft seen photograph. In some versions it is entitled the submissive mistress.

2 Responses to “The law of the birch”

  1. The beauty of the birch, those wooden twigs of pain, when they make contact with a naughty woman’ s bare bottom, are depicted most enjoyably in these three corporal punishment scenes. The first a schoolroom scene. The second a domestic scene. The third a judicial scene. Each one of these fine spanking drawings promote sexual erotic pleasure in me.

  2. 2 Scarlet

    Perhaps number three is the unsubmissive mistress. He did have to tie her hands, after all.

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