Coveting the cane


canedRecently while surfing the forums (or should that be fora), there were a whole lot of erotica anecdotes, mostly vanilla and off-topic, some not so.

Here is one of them (paraphrased and fleshed out a little), watch this space for a few more.

It seems that there were two teachers married to each other, him a headmaster with liberal-left leanings and her, a right-wing traditionalist who had been privately educated.

They got into an argument about the merits and shortcomings of corporal punishment in schools. This, one gathers, took place some years ago.

They taught at different schools and he was very much opposed. She argued that it never ‘did anyone any harm’ and it had been used at her school.

“But not on you?” He asked.

“Well no, but how harsh could six of the best be?” She replied.

“OK,” he said, “Six doesn’t sound a lot, but maybe it is quite harsh for a teenaged girl. I bet you couldn’t handle it.”

Now our headmaster had some experience both at school and from his early teaching days and assumed that would be the end of it. Except she responded, “I bet I could. I bet I could take 12, if you want to allow for my age.”

She, we were told, was in her late 20s and him, in his late 30s at this point.

So, taking her at his word, he acquired a school cane and brought it home.

“What will this prove?” He asked.

Apparently she was taken by surprise that he had taken her at his word and he seeing her shock, told her he was just making a point.

“No, fair’s fair, I bet I can take 12,” she conceded.

To make it interesting he had her bare her bottom, which she agreed to after some protests. He argued that the point was that such punishments had to be on the terms set by the punisher.

The husband was no doubt having some fun with it.

As it turned out, it was far from fun for the wife, who was sobbing out apologies after half a dozen strokes.

“I have a good mind to finish this,” he said, putting the cane away.

“I told him, he pretty much had to finish now that he had started,” she reported on the board.

So he did.

Neither changed their minds, but she said, “It introduced a whole new element to our marriage and it wasn’t the last time he steeled an argument in this way.”

7 Responses to “Coveting the cane”

  1. 1 paul1510

    interesting, I suspect that this was/is more common than most would admit. 😀

  2. To settle this argument once an for all. The husband, should have given his wife, 25 strokes with the cane on her knicker’s down bare bottom. And I am sure she would not be seating down comfortably for a week.

  3. Wise to agree before marriage. Handwriting or at least witha detailed emails from both sides!

  4. I do not understand the title of this post.

    • 5 DJ

      covet – inappropriate desire its a pun. She wants to bring back the cane (but also maybe she has other interests)

  5. Yes, it’s exactly that– “wanting to bring back the cane!” 🙂 I think we Americans are a weaker lot than British girls. 🙂

    I do like the play on covet, though. Hadn’t thought about it that way.

  6. 7 George

    A cane on the bare bottom of a young lady is always a good chance even after her 20s 🙂

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