Top of the Tops


top and his sleevesLame title, but meant to be because only a Dom, Top, Alpha male, HoH (pick your label) is ever likely to think in those terms. For the purposes of this article, let’s use the term ‘Gentleman.’

Ladies how many have heard a gentleman say, ‘I know you better than you know yourself;’ this an opening statement in Tweet or on Facebook?

Sometimes gentlemen such as myself, see such ridiculous claims and cringe. Okay, so there are men out there who take the line, ‘I am God and you will all bow down before me,’ no compromise; if that’s your bag, who is anyone to judge? From personal experience, there are a few ladies (the term we will be using for subs, bottoms, etc.) out there who genuinely like this kind of thing. ‘The real deal,’ is a phrase that has cropped up.

Now of course, many, if not most ladies, want a real deal, but unless the gentleman is either, God, Lord of a Castle who wrestles lions for kicks or both, then it is just a stance or a pose. Unless you want to ‘play scenes’ and get into part-time ‘scenarios,’ then what you are after is a genuine loving mentoring relationship with a real man.

The real deal for most people is a real person, with a real life replete with false starts, mishaps and the occasional misunderstanding.

Even the ideals and aspiration is entirely derived from within and grows from the interaction in the space between (usually) two people. What constitutes the top of the tops for one will not stack up for another. A genuine mentoring relationship, with or without spanking, is a dialogue and if you are the gentleman, then it is usually four parts listening and one part making ‘suggestions’ whilst rolling up ones sleeves and peering over the rim of ones spectacles.

Anyway, that is just a few thoughts suggested by a conversation had with one the ladies kneeling here at the castle.

11 Responses to “Top of the Tops”

  1. 1 paul1510

    you write truth. 🙂
    To be a true gentleman is no sinecure, I takes work, and the rewards can be fantastic. 😀

  2. 2 Bogey

    Blasphemy, Thankfully few ladies will be fall for it.

  3. The most important thing is not that He should be perfect, but the most precious treasure is that He is perfect for me.

  4. Interesting indeed, mylord 😉
    There is something seductive about a benevolent, omnipotent, omniscient gentleman knowing you better than you know yourself, telling you exactly how to live your life so that you do not have to worry your little head at all. A few gentlemen seem to believe that they have to be like that to be dominant and a few ladies are always searching for that in a gentleman. Usually thoug, reality tends to hit them like a truck and they either develop together or grow apart. As already stated the magic is when you grow together in your roles. And when I’m allowed to remove his jacket, roll up his sleeves, and politely ask for a sound dose of his belt. *Grin*

  5. 6 Old Tom

    How good to see this article. I am frequently appalled by the arrogance of my own sex. ‘Tops’ or whatever you call them have to start from a position where they realise the sheer responsibility of what they want to undertake and as far as I can see few do. So good to know that those kneelingin your castle are being treated properly

  6. 7 kaki

    Oh my goodness, DJ, how many ladies to you have kneeling in your castle? Have you enough corners? Most gentleman have a hard enough time keeping one lady cared for properly, some more than others. 😉

    Some ladies I know are quite a handful.

  7. 8 Karen

    Great pic x

  8. 9 Joan

    Those guys crack me up. I guess it must work for them, though. So many people use that schtick and stick to it, it must have some level of success.

  9. 10 Scarlet

    A genuine loving mentoring relationship with a real man. Sounds just right.

  10. 11 DJ

    The ladies here at the castle are of a twitter (not the other kind) knowing that you are in sympathy with them and are talking about them. Of course they don’t know that but I know more about them than they do themselves. 😉

    Thanks for the input. 🙂

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