Tip Top images


Mom OTKbig troubleMom OTKHere are three images from yesteryear supplied by TipTopper. The artist is Trudy and the theme is mother daughter action.

According to occasional feedback, one or two people hate this scenario, maybe it is too close to home or not exotic enough?

7 Responses to “Tip Top images”

  1. 1 george

    Still mother like these?
    I hope so…

  2. 2 Old Tom

    I like the first and third drawings; the idea of a strict mother spanking an errant daughter is appealing but the second one is not to my taste.

  3. Mother/daughter is one of my favorite themes, but then again I’m enjoying as a voyeur, since I’m not a woman.

  4. 4 Paul Little

    nice pictures its what a mother should do to naughty daughters old fashioned OTK bare bottom hairbrush spankings!!!

  5. 5 Ayla

    Thank you for the great stories & tidbits, DJ. I have been reading, if not writing back. Something primal in the adult M/F spanking scenario, from my perspective as a heterosexual woman. Must be sex — even though my tastes run toward less sexual mentoring relationships. Didn’t fully realize the sexual component until noticing its total absence here.

    • 6 Old Tom

      What an interesting comment Ayla. I agree it is extraordinary how a picture or photograph can engage (or not) one’s attention and lead to a deeper understanding of self. Although I would have said that there is a great deal of sexual content in the second drawing.

  6. 7 DJ

    I suppose eroticism is in the eye of the beholder. Some don’t like F/F and others the whole mother figure thing is not for them. But it all has its place.

    Some scenarios are better than others.

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