Not as much going on this week but I did think it was worth revisiting Spanking Magazines. It is surprising how many of these mags I once bought. Some of the publishers are still around, but they are not force they once were. For one thing they were very late embracing the Internet age and then for the most part did it badly. Nonetheless there are some great stories and classic pictures.

Other images were found at: AAA, Stan, Hermione’s Heart, Dallas, Real Spanking, the Spanking Blogg, and the Spanking Emporium.

6 Responses to “Community”

  1. 1 Ruth

    Not very long ago I destroyed a large pile of these spanking magazines Fezze blushes a few different titles. They had belonged to my husband and as my health is to say the least fragile I didn’t want my daughters to see them when they cleared the house. I was under the illusion that they were un aware of our way of life. I had a bit of a surprise when having a conversation with one of them when I said how much I missed there dad for many reasons one being his guidance, she said mum I know you had a very special unique relationship, there was no doubt what she was hinting at……..

    • 2 DJ

      I think these things are hard to miss once kids hit their teens.

      I remember a US-based woman exploring a CDD relationship commenting on here some years ago trying to hide the fact that she was also spanked from her daughters. In the end she said it was more dignified fessing up and sending them to their room when she and her husband needed to ‘talk.’ She said she was glad she took this approach as some years later her daughter came home from college unexpected to walk in while mom was in the corner after a spanking. Said daughter got to flee the scene in vague amusement rather than being traumatised and she was glad she didn’t have any awkward explaining to do.

  2. 3 Ruth

    I have two daughters and it seems no matter how you handle it you can get it wrong we waited 8 years for my first daughter to come along so she didn’t really witness the very stormy first years. By that time it was pretty peaceful, all be it with spankings I was no angel, but learnt to do as I was told, sometimes.
    So when my first daughter decided to move in with her boyfriend at 18 she thought all relationships were peaceful and amicable like mummy and daddy’s, sadly she was wrong and put up with a horrible man for 10 years, I feel to blame. The second daughter has a relationship which at times was equally stormy but she handles it in her own way neither are submissive in any way. I find it hard at times to hear the way both girls talk to there partners The eldest having a new partner, I keep out of it.

    • 4 DJ

      I can’t see it is your fault – in my experience children try to recreate what their parents had – even the bad stuff – so you good example is all that can be hoped for.

  3. 5 Ruth

    Bless you thank you for your kind words and assurance Sir, they do help, I hold myself guilty for many things.

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