Another busy week and to cap it all my internet connection has been in perpetual treacle mode for days now. So when I do have time I have the research capacity of a 1994 28k modem. Remember them?

If I were to find time which of my unfinished series would you most like me to resume I wonder.

Just got off the phone… more work.

Here are some images found at: Asa Jones, Vanilla Spanking, Contemporary Spanking, AAA, Dallas, and Chicago Spanking Review.

14 Responses to “Community”

  1. 1 Karen Rogers

    Mr. DJ,      For reasons I don’t altogether understand, it will not allow me to post a comment through the ‘comment’ button, so I am trying yo reach you this way.     [comments from new contributors or very long comments are held for moderation]

    I love the community pics.  They are great as always…      
    You say you would like to know which story we would like you to continue.  For me, there is no question.  I would love to have you continue the ‘workplace’ story you started so long ago as “Corporation punishment.” 
    The setting is well thought out and  would have great promise for a series..  And I LOVE the character Sara Mulligan!It is wonderful to have a strong female character who can both administer AND receive proper corporal punishment.  A ‘best of both worlds’ kind of thing. 
    One of the very memorable things from this story are the special skirts, designed for discipline.  That is a really yummy idea!  I would love to have one of those skirts myself, and may, when I have time, make myself one.      
    Anyway, I love your writing, but I feel this story has great promise, and I would love to see you continue it.  If nothing else, have some compassion for poor Sara…  How long are you going to leave her standing there with  her naked bottom on display to everyone in the building? keep up the great work, Karen

    • 2 DJ

      Hi Karen,

      I would love to return to this story too – although it had been intended as a teaser chapter for a follow up book, as at that time I was suggested that I write copy for the publisher that was not necessarily available elsewhere.

      I am glad you like the stories and that one in particular – 🙂

  2. 3 Susannah

    Will we ever read any more about Angela, or is it too past for you?

  3. 5 Asif

    I’m your fan for a long time but still a lurker here. But I hope that wouldn’t undermine my vote.

    It’s been quite sometime since the last Abraham Heights story was published. I’d really love to read more about the wonderful community there. You have posted may wonderful stories and series but Abraham Heights will always be a special one.

    • 6 DJ

      Hi Asif,

      no of course not – there are more AH coming up although there will be some changes – but there are unpublished stories so never fear

  4. 7 Insônia


    • 8 DJ

      Indeed – I really want to return to this one – but at an average of 15000 words an episode it is a challenge and needs a new approach


  5. 9 Susannah

    It’s your fault really, DJ. You make your characters so believable, it’s hard to choose.

  6. 11 Ruth

    I would like to see a continuation of Angela like Susannah, as well or an e book of the past tales of Angela, and continuation of her life now. But don’t forget to find time for you and Indigo a big regret when my husband was alive and something you cannot alter later.

  7. 13 manhattan

    As a great admirer of your fantastic world building, I immensely enjoy your fantasy and sci-fi stories. I would really love to read more of “Ad Astra” or your “Raw”-Cycle.

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