The Plantation Owner’s Wife


vin _plantationsIt sounds like the title of a risqué spanking novel, and indeed I may swipe it for a short sometime. But actually this is a short article about the memoirs of a plantation owner’s wife entitled Days of Glory. A fusty old tome written before world war two, but it does feature some brief spanking.

Early in their courtship the plantation owner and his future wife Jean go on a picnic. After a swim Jean complains that she is wet and has muddy feet.

“Nanny would spank me soundly for just my feet,” I told him. Her laughed and said “Well, I wasn’t too old.” I most emphatically told him he was wrong but seeing him strike up a playful stance I made to flee. He caught me under the oaks and after making a threat of turning up my skirts and such spanked me with no small effort. My bottom cheeks tingled, but mercifully only through my skirts on that occasion. Spanking was to play no small part in our courtship and in later days he went much further, but won’t dwell on such premarital high jinks.

Later she writes: I should have taken heed of his manner of handling me, his sister Ruth certainly warned me that her brother could be a bit of a brute and did not suffer giddy girls lightly. I doubt now that anything would have deterred me from the marriage in any case. But I feel a fool now at my surprise that once married and moved out to Kenya Graham missed no opportunity in turning up my skirts and taking down my under things for a playful and so often a not so playful spanking. This rude handling was not always welcome and indeed sometimes I was put to a few tears. I could certainly feel it where I sat for some time after. There were also those harsher episodes that certainly made me think, but I had been warned he was a brute and when all is said I would not have had him any different.

I read these excerpts off the shelf of a friend’s parents’ house some time ago so I looked up google reader. It was hard to find and I am sure there was a bit more in the book, but it is not a spanking book and there is a lot about ‘uppity natives,’ elephants and endless complaints about the climate.

3 Responses to “The Plantation Owner’s Wife”

  1. 1 Michael Harrison

    I enjoyed that. I lived in Tanzania from 1985 until 2009 and there were spanking events of this ilk right into the early 000’s. The ex pat world is largely separate and quite decadent.

  2. Interesting –

  3. 3 DJ

    Yes i have heard such stories myself – thanks for the input. 🙂

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