Weekly Round-Up


wr 13416_008 wr actlookbehave1 wr bedtime thrashing wr chair wr ct _o2lf496kgI1trurjvo1_500 wr ct wr montage wr otk toon 12 wr perfect-spanked-bottom wr riding-crop-spanking wrv -630x350The Spring Equinox is with us, so happy Ostara (or Eostara if you prefer). It is the beginning of the pagan whipping season and all of those fertility rites, particularly in central and Eastern Europe. If I see anything I’ll be sure to keep you appraised.

The spanking blog has a little piece on what Google will or will not censor and when and how they might do it. Worth knowing. I did have an alternative search engine that was less squeamish, but I have’t used it in a while and I can’t remember know what it was called. But they are out there, but be careful searching unfiltered.

The images this week are taken from: Real Spanking, Dallas, AAA, Spanking Blogg, Ronnie Soul, Scarlet’s Real Magic, CutiePie and I am glad to say Less Than Three.

3 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. Thanks for the mention.


  2. I have been away from a voice in the corner, missed it, These bottoms are exquisite especially the various levels of colours marks etc on each one. I am a believer in spanking for all ages.

  1. 1 Keep smiling « Grumpy old fart!!!

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