No Weekly Round-Up


snowscape nude spanking birched-in-the-snowSeasons’s greetings to one and all, I am probably in a supermarket.

11 Responses to “No Weekly Round-Up”

  1. Seasons greetings

  2. In a supermarket at this hour? That’s dedication!

  3. 3 richard

    Unless your buying the entire deli dept.(do brits have these?)im betting your home by now having breakfast with your lady or perhaps at your work either way happy holiday

  4. 4 Raffe

    Happy holidays to you and your family.

  5. Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Sir T and I!

  6. Happy Holidays to DJ and all who visit here.
    May there be many red butts in the coming year.

  7. 7 Becky

    Turned up late for Parish meeting last night and unfortunately was supposed to be helping my Mother-in-Law with the refreshments. I am in front of HoH when he gets home. If anyone has any grovelling tips I would be pleased to receive as otherwise I could have earned myself an uncomfortable Christmas holiday. I know I will get punished but I would like to avoid days of restrictions and punishments.

  8. 8 Anonymous

    In my experience it is always best to admit your wrongdoing and be contrite and take what your Master decides you deserve. So if it is not to late my advice is to dress humbly and plainly and get yourself facing the corner with hands on your head and await his arrival! Good luck

  9. 9 MrJ

    Happy holidays. Love the birching-in-the-snow piicture.

  10. 10 Becky

    My behind was very red after caning last night and will remain so into the New Year. Ten days in uniform, detention and corner time when not doing house work, daily mouth wash, daily punishment spanking, no TV early bed time and as my Church penance I will be cleaning the Parish Hall and toilets on Boxing Day. As you can see my New Year is not starting well but HoH has rightly decided to get me back on the straight and narrow. I will be off to Midnight Service in my Gingham dress and cardigan – the first of several such humiliating experiences in the coming days.

  11. 11 Siobhan

    My my Becky you have been a naughty young lady. Make sure yo get on your knees to scrub the hall and toilets so that you get the full learning from your penance. I assume you will have to do this in uniform and be supervised to ensure your compliance. Nice to see a real punishment for childish behaviour

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