Vintage Sunday


vin 18yearold vin vin AUDIE-MURPHY-SPANKING-KATHRYN-GRANT vin flapper vin spanking-stereocard

6 Responses to “Vintage Sunday”

  1. Love number four, the open backed bloomers lead to so many options 😉

    • Sorry, in my excitement I lost count, it should have been number 5 😀

      • that makes two of us, how right you are I just took your word for it even though I did spend time aggreeing with you and the many options Thanks for opening my eyes too

  2. 4 richard

    AUDIE MURPHY AS A SPANKER wonder if he played it for real or how many takes it took lets hope if the forner was true there many just to get the sound right and not soft smacks hard with some leg kicking thrown in for good measure

  3. Number 3 is so false it does not appeal to me at all Number four I agree with summertime75 the open back bloomers exposing her beautiful bottom cheeks even if they get the deserved spanking for what ever her bad behaviour nice one though.

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