Faces of Cornertime


cornertime cornertime cornertime cornertime

Someone dropped me a quick line to say they hated cornertime almost as much as getting a spanking, but that both were so good for her. Previously someone had written that they did not know what was worse cornertime when you were the centre of attention of standing int the corner and being completely ignored.

On the same theme I cobbled this off FemFirst:

When I tol;d my boyfriend I was still getting cornertime well into college no matter who was present he laughed. He liked the idea so much that now before and after a spanking I get cornertime. Cornertime is a bitch. Me and my big mouth.

There are many faces of cornertime, apart from the face into the wall or corner that is. The pictures above represent just four.

Firstly we have a misery shared. Has any girl reading this ever had cornertime shared with a friend or two? I wonder if it is more embarrassing or less.

Secondly there is the shame of public cornertime and being completely ignored.

Then there is the cornertime that drags. A common enough complaint. A contributor here once claimed she was put in he corner for eight hours for telling lies.

Finally we have the utter shame of being there at all.

4 Responses to “Faces of Cornertime”

  1. I’ve never had the privilege of being given corner time. (As that line just drips with sarcasm. Sarcasm is the right word, correct?) But I can imagine it would be less “painful” with a friend or several. At least that is how I would feel. Personally, I fear boredom. Seriously fear it. But my mind would be racing and I like being center of attention sometimes. (I perform on-stage) but hours at a time? That would break me. I’d think it’d break anyone eventually!

    • 2 DJ

      Corner time is an odd thing.

      In my experience some girls don’t worry about it overly (it just provokes and eye roll sometimes) others really struggle.

      Typically it is often hated before with the wait and anticipation wearing on nerves and it is a relief and an opportunity to cry afterwards.

      I love the literary use of the shaming aspects but in real life it is not really possible or desirable to use a public element.

  2. 3 Becky

    I have had to do corner time in front of HoH’s mother it is so humiliating. Standing with my hands on my head, nose to the wall, dress up knickers down and my spanked or caned behind on display is bad enough when only HoH is present let alone in front of someone else. The thought of having to do this in public would be mortifying.

  3. 4 PDBB

    Dear Mr. Black (DJ),
    I want to thank you for the time and effort you put into this blog as well as your body of literary work dealing with the many aspects of our (I think I can speak for your many kinky followers) shared proclivities. One can only welcome a chance to share thoughts and fantasies and read for gratification and amusement at a higher or deeper level. This is most evident in the quality of responses (replies you get). You seem to attract a higher intellectual level of followers. And I am no longer apologetic for my leanings and the opportunity of expression.
    Glad I found you and your art

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