Tales of Domestic Discipline


otk disciplineLSF have published another story collection of mine. The blurb runs: The stories featured in this volume share a common theme – all have domestic settings in which the females of the household are on the receiving end of discipline administered by a male member of the family, usually the husband or father. These stories embrace a world where family spankings are common, and the head of the household knows exactly how to deal with bad attitudes, poor grades, unruly behaviour and other misdemeanours. Many of those on the receiving end of such punishments find themselves suitably chastised and sent to stand in the corner to reflect on their wrongdoings. Perhaps they have been spanked by hand, or paddle, or strap, or the family hairbrush. One thing is for sure – irritating habits are nipped in the bud and there are painful consequences for unacceptable behaviour! 

This book includes the following short stories: Family Values; Home is a Hot Hairbrush; Just You Wait; On Belts, Boats and Blushes; On The Art of Living, Learning & Forgetting; 2000: Mum’s Year Zero; Cuckoo; The End of Term Report; The Good, the Bad and the Curious; and A Family Tradition.


You can check it out here.

2 Responses to “Tales of Domestic Discipline”

  1. 1 paul1510

    thanks for the heads up; downloaded. 🙂
    I’ll send you my thoughts when I’ve read it. 😉

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