Spanking, engagement and the muse


spanking poll results out of focus

A week ago, being away and knowing this blog would be post-light, we ran a test questionnaire in readiness for this Autumn’s grand survey (see two-bottoms link on right). Many thanks to all those who have contributed so far.

The results of the test survey were perhaps inconclusive. For one thing only half the voters expressed any preference at all for the gender of the spanker. No one scenario was a clear favourite although on balance there seems to be a slight preference for M/F romantic spankings.

The vast majority of blog visitors did not vote, fair play to you, but that does suggest either a) a very high disregard for polls (maybe this poll anyway) among AVITC readers or b) a smaller proportion of visitors who actually engage with the site.

On balance the muse has it, not that it was ever going to be possible to write to order anyway.

Another chance to vote and the full results are here.

4 Responses to “Spanking, engagement and the muse”

  1. 1 Scott

    I was one of the respondents who didn’t specify a preference re the spanker’s gender. It depends on the story. Though I don’t care for surveys I completed this one, since I thought it was important to the site administrator. I follow the site closely, but couldn’t specify many clear preferences in the survey simply because the questions didn’t capture my preferences. It’s not that I have no preferences or am not engaged in the site.

    • 2 DJ

      Thanks for that and for the chance to make myself clear.

      You did respond to the poll -so you did engage – I wasn’t suggesting that people who did not were not enaged – but I did take it as an indicator of how much generally people will participate (as you did) and thanks.

      anyway certainly not those who did not specify a gender and yes I think the poll was not a good one (I didn’t include I don’t know for one thing Lol) – it was a rehersal anyway.

      It is just that – there were aproximately 10 people visiting the site for everyone who filled out the poll in the three or four days it was the top post while I was away. That in itself is useful feedback.

      Thanks again to you for participating and to everyone else. 🙂


  2. 3 Emilio

    Lovely picture, it seems a 20 yo bratty girl waiting for dad or mom coming in her room for her usual spanking.
    Most times belt by dad or hairbrush by mom. In any case tears and cornertime granted.
    Full appreciation of such parents!

  3. 4 Red

    I don’t believe that you can put domestic and romantic together, I like domestic spankings but do not like romantic! Domestic is discipline in my eyes!

    Great site by the way and great work.


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