Spanking and other quaint European customs


The next few weeks sees yours truly dashing back and forth across Europe in the name of business.

This is playing havoc with any blogging schedule but does afford a small opportunity to experience some interesting local customs.

Take Switzerland for instance, some cantons have similar Easter spanking traditions to those in Slovakia. Since these have been well reported, we won’t dwell.

There are also those mountains where first time climbers get an inaugural spanking, well a few good natured female students were cooperative, a few hairy arsed types looked like they might return the offered favour with a smack in the mouth.

The other great Swiss pastime is nude hiking. It seems that fast-growing sport, sometimes called freehiking, is an increasing sight on the Alpine slopes. Apparently the practice has its roots in the UK, but the authorities there are not so keen.

Sadly, there is no hint of any freehiking being linked to spanking, but we live in hope. Maybe it will become an Olympic sport.

4 Responses to “Spanking and other quaint European customs”

  1. 1 scarlet

    DJ, now that you’re spending time in Switzerland, I expect spanking and freehiking will soon be linked!

  2. Yes I agree with Scarlet – The ‘link’ can now be made in Switzerland, and why stop there?

  3. Don’t they get sore feet?

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