Well marked after 30,000 spanks


You want another 30,000 spanks? Are you sure?

We have just passed our 30,000-visitor mark, thanks for the support so far.

The most popular single post so far has been A Mother’s Comeuppance, followed very closely by Lizzie Baines part two, the Lizzie Baines saga as a whole is by far the most popular feature to date. Spanked public schoolgirl lends a firm hand and the bookshop have also made the top five.

It is gratifying to note that on the whole it has been the original material that has been the most successful.

It might have been interesting to have a poll on what kind of stories and features people might want to see. Only the poll function for wordpress seems excessively complex.

Why not submit a comment suggesting: a) your favourite post or posts to date; b) preferred scenario, eg. contemporary, western, exotic, history; c) favourite spanker; d) another subject; e) don’t bother.

Meanwhile has anyone heard of the Markham Project?

3 Responses to “Well marked after 30,000 spanks”

  1. 1 Michele

    What I enjoy reading about are extremely long sessions staning in place in the corner for adults, the switch which is an implement one rarely reads about, and adults having to write lines or copy dictionary pages for punishment.

  2. Absolutely wonderful piece of artwork you have posted there. Something else to contemplate having ‘on ice’!!

    Just Peter

  3. 3 Pepi Cornyn

    Liked the “Careful what you wish for” and I enjoy the series ones

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