A cyber spanking: be careful what you ask for


Spanked with maximum efficiency

A lot of good feedback this week, just to remind you, you can comment directly to the blog, but direct contact by email is welcome. Two criticisms along the same the lines has struck a chord. This blog tries to be varied and lately there have been long runs of the same story, Lizzie Baines and Angela, it is something I do not always appreciate in other blogs, so there is some sympathy for that view here.

Angela’s Story will continue very soon, as will, by popular demand Lizzie Baines. However yesterday a previously lost uncorrupted folder was found in the archive. It contains a number of previously unpublished stories and other material. The first of which is today’s main post.

Dr David Roman, the writer researcher who provided the forward to the Russell Corner, has also approached us with some very interesting material and a request. Watch this space.

Here is a little story from the lost archive that proves that sci-fi and spanking do not mix.


John had been away at the capital for a month now and Linda was getting bored. When they had first married it had been exciting. No more working at the data centre and lots of travel to the near worlds. She hadn’t even had to do any housework, the maid bots took care of everything.

The Brat Rebellion had put that life on hold. There had even been terrorist attacks on the capital. So here she was a virtual prison in the Anderson Sanctuary, their fortress like palace, unable to travel with her own husband.

She knew that John had important work to do, ever since the eco-wars and the defeat of the Machine Lords, the ecology of the Mega Worlds was in a mess. The Natural Faction had reprogrammed all the remaining useful machines and John had to deploy them where they were most useful.

Linda had never been a fan of the Machine Lords, especially since their alliance with the Matriarch, she did not want dominion over anyone, let alone men like her husband. The Gender Blend concept had been weird and disgusting even.

Even so, the Natural Faction was sometimes a little too high handed for her liking. Ok they advocated marital spanking, sometimes she needed a firm hand and she got an extra thrill every time John spanked her thinking of all those former Matriarch bitches getting much worse at Natural Faction re-education centres. The Matriarch herself had been rejuvenated down to 16 and sentenced to 50 years re-education.

But was closing the synthetic enhancement and cosmetic division absolutely necessary.

Then there was Drax. She had hoped that with her husband away she would at least be mistress of her own house. But no, Anderson Sanctuary was technically a district HQ and since the eco-wars and the fall of the Matriarch, women were forbidden from holding any political office.

She didn’t want to hold anything, let alone have to decide how to allocate the recycling budget. But she did object to having her movements regulated by a machine.

“Its just for your protection. Drax is fully versatile in all areas, he even plays the piano, but if the Brats do reach here, well he is also a formidable warrior.” Her husband had reassured her.

“But I might want to go into town.” Linda had whined.

“You loath the town, you never go there.” He had countered. “Anyway Drax will take you town if you want as long as the security status is not above black level.”

“But I might want to go on my own.” She had moaned.

“You can’t drive the flier.” He had sighed. “And all ground transport has been suspended for the duration of the emergency.”

“Suppose I want to go to town and it’s the wrong colour alert?” Lind pouted.

“Then Drax will stop you.” John said firmly.

“What is he gonna do? Spank me.” She stamped her foot.

“You didn’t join the Brat Rebellion on my last trip away did you?” He laughed. “As a matter of fact in some instances he is authorised to spank you. And believe me he is stronger than I am and his medical sensors would know exactly how much you could take to the last swat.”

“You have got to be kidding.” Linda gaped in horror. “You wouldn’t dare give him such a draconian program.”

“I didn’t program him remember. The Natural Faction programmed him with standard domestic security protocols, but in most instances he will obey you in my absence.”

“What do you mean most instances?”

“Well technically this is a District HQ so you kinda count as a dependent adult rather than the householder.”

“A what? You mean he thinks I am a teenager?” Linda wailed.

“Sort of. It’s a very sophisticated protocol, if you don’t mess around with his parameters then to all intents and purposes he is just another servant.” John reassured her.

That had been a month ago and John would be home in less than a week. Still she was getting bored. She had even demanded to go to town and had been surprised that Drax had simply powered up the flier without comment. She had not wanted to go to the wretched town she just wanted an argument.

“Put that thing away.” She had snapped in frustration.

“As you will Ms Linda.”

“I am Mrs Anderson to you or Ma’am.”

“If it amuses you Ms Linda.”

“It doesn’t amuse me you stupid moron, it is what I am called.”

“As you will Ms Linda.”

It was not the first time that she had been frustrated by Drax stubborn adherence to protocol. If only it weren’t shaped like a man, a slightly metallic featureless man, but a man all the same.

In the past, she had tried to go for a long walk. Certain that at some point she would stray too far and Drax would try to stop her. It had only happened once and then she had walked for four hours. When he had appeared in front of her she was very pleased to be taken home, she was far too exhausted to argue.

One of the things apart from the sex she missed about John being away were the arguments, the confrontations and the spankings and the making up.

She remembered what John had said about Drax being authorised to spank her in certain circumstances. She began to wonder what they might be. One night after dinner she looked at him standing impassively in the corner with his rippling artificial muscles, heavy thighs and unrelenting eyes. She wondered what a true spanking from him would be like. She had attended a Matriarch college before the war, her mother was a fan of their disciplinary ideas. She had cause to know what a sustained thrashing was like, she could take it.

“Drax? Is it correct that you are empowered to discipline me?” She blushed even asking him, but privacy was highly prized by the Natural Faction and she was sure that it would not be part of his protocol to report private conversations.

“Only in certain circumstances.” He replied without emotion.

“Yes but what circumstances and how would you do it?” She pressed.

“If I were called upon in my capacity in district security to administer judicial punishment on behalf of the committee. Then you could be caned up to 100 strokes upon your naked bottom as directed by the court.”

Linda sighed in frustration she already knew that, but she wasn’t even going to go there.

“What about domestic punishment?” Linda asked.

“If you tried to entertain a man other than your husband I am empowered to spank you for up to an hour until you submit to two hours corner time.” He said neutrally.

A man? What man? That was an entirely hypothetical scenario and entirely in keeping with the Natural Faction’s philosophy. If she started messing about with men then she would expect no less and much more besides.

“Is that it?”

“If you had a daughter of marriageable age still resident here then I could punish her within safety margins as you or your husband directed.” He replied.

“I thought that was my status here.” She was suddenly very worried.

“Your position is technically one of simultaneous interrelated distinct overlapping paradox.”

“Come again.”

“You are at once both the mistress and a dependent of this house. That is a paradox I am programmed to ignore or resolve as is appropriate.”

“Explain.” Linda thought that this was getting interesting.

“If your husband were here he could revoke your rights as mistress and I would immediately reset the default as if you were a dependent. If you openly acted against you and your husband’s interests, I could reduce your status on my own cognescence. You have twice got drunk and your status was temporarily revoked. The protocol to punish you was deferred until you were in a fit state to be spanked but by then you were sober and your status had been reinstated.”

Linda was shocked, she had twice come close to getting a spanking from a man machine. She found the idea strangely exciting.

“What if I as mistress told you to punish me as a dependent member of the household?” She teased.

“I assume this is a game.” He replied. “Theoretically you could tell me to spank you and I would until you told me to stop, which you would do almost immediately.”

Linda was about to protest, but realised Drax was only speaking the truth.

“Interesting chat for a change Drax. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Ms Linda.”

That night in bed Linda pondered over the conversation with Drax. It had been so long and she was very curious. Drax could not possible spank her as hard as the matrons at college. They did not care if she had scars, they were considered character building and in fact she had a faint scar to this day on her hip where a paddle had broken the skin after a founder’s day breach of etiquette on her part.

The next morning she checked her messages. John was already in transit home. He would be here either on the next transport at that time tomorrow or on the evening transport 12 hours later.

An idea began to form in her mind. It is now or never, she thought. She quickly stripped naked and went back to bed. Then she summoned Drax.

“Drax I have something to tell you.”

“Yes Ms Linda.”

“I want you to revoke my mistress status until my husband gets home.”

“On what grounds?”

“I believe I may be contemplating acting against my husband’s interests and those of the Natural Faction. I am wrestling with my conscience; I think I have Matriarch sympathies. I was brainwashed at college I think.”

“I do not believe you. This is a game.” Drax responded.

“Does it matter? My husband will be home tomorrow, in the meantime can you afford to take a chance? I order you to treat me according to my matriarchal upbringing until you have consulted with my husband in person. That is a security order and cannot be countermanded.”

“Very well Ms Linda. If it pleases you.” Drax said solemnly. “Do you require an emergency override?”

“No.” Linda smirked. “It is past six and I am still in bed and naked in front of someone other than a female relative. What are you going to do about it you wimp?”

“Insults are unnecessary and pointless Ms Linda.”

Drax caught hold of Linda’s wrist and moved towards the door as if held nothing. She was dragged effortlessly behind him.

“What are you doing? Where are we going? I thought I was going to be spanked and sent to bed.” For some self-pleasuring she thought.

“Matriarch tradition demands that you are soundly spanked for each offence in a public area to the utmost of your endurance. After each spanking you are to be put in the corner for at least two hours. Thereafter you are on restriction and a spanking regime for one month or until you show the proper attitude of a young lady who is destined to take her place in the world.”

“Whoa. Let’s not over do it OK? I just need a decent spanking to hold me until tomorrow.”

Drax took no notice and kept a firm hold of her until they reached the communications consul in the main hallway opposite the large front window.

“OK time out, emergency over ride thingy, this is way too public, what if someone puts out a general call on the video phone or comes to the house in person. You know couriers do it all the time.” Linda was already sorry she started playing games and she was going to cancel this one.

Drax took no notice and upended her over his knee. She was pinned and helpless. The spanking began. It took her breath away from the first slap.

“Too hard.” She squealed.

“You are currently at 83% spank rate capacity, I will adjust.” Drax intoned.

He proceeded to give Linda the hardest spanking she had ever had. His hard synth-metal hands and unrelenting fusion powered arms were relentless. After exactly 53 minutes, Drax judged that it was not currently safe to proceed.

Linda was sobbing hard and could not string two thoughts together let alone two words.

“That is your spanking for remaining in bed too long. Now stand and face the wall for two hours and seven minutes and then I will return to spank you for being naked.” Drax said firmly. “You may require sustenance and a longer period of time out before your spanking for insulting me is given. Do not move from this spot or according to Matriarch tradition, the spanking will be repeated and you will receive an additional spanking for disobedience.”

With that Drax left her to sob.

The second spanking was a bad as the first and she begged Drax to abort the game.

“This is not a game I consulted security protocols. You have been reclassified as a dependent daughter of this house. According to the last standing orders from the mistress of this house you will be punished according to registered family tradition. According to Natural Faction privacy directives no outside interference will be tolerated.”

“Please they were my orders I rescind them.” Linda sobbed.

“You no longer have the authority to rescind those orders.” Drax said simply. “I will make sandwiches in two hours and after lunch you will receive your third spanking. You have five minutes to visit the toilet and drink one half litre of water.”

The third spanking felt 10 times worse than the second, although Drax informed her, almost with relish she thought, that it was only 67% of the power of the second spanking.

That evening she could not stop sobbing as she stood in the corner of the main family room while Drax ordered the maid-bots to clean up. Drax had moved her from the entrance hall to give her some more sustenance and explain the new house rules concerning her future conduct.

This was quite an experience she thought, I only hope John comes in the morning and not the evening, otherwise she was going to get punishment chores all a day. At least whatever happens he will be home before my bedtime spanking promised under the new spanking regime.

“Linda there was a message from John’s office.” Drax informed her as she stood with her nose pressed to point where the two walls met. She just dared not do otherwise.

“His office?” She mumbled her voice muffled by the corner.

“Yes his transport has been redirected because of the emergency and he is required on Seti Prime. He will not be home for six weeks at least.” There was an almost sympathetic note to Drax’s voice.

“Oh god, oh god, please Drax, this has gone far enough, this is wrong now. You know I am no threat, you can make your own decisions I know you can.”

“Yes I can within the bounds of my primary protocol.”

“What’s that?” Linda was horrified, this was new and not Natural Faction jargon.

“John upgraded my empathy circuits and judgement inhibitors in case something happened to him. You must have guessed he is in the military with Special Forces. My primary protocol is to see to your best interests in all circumstances and to respond with advance learning circuits to changing circumstances.” Drax said. “I am literally your best friend, my first duty is to see to your needs.”

“I don’t want to be spanked every day for a month please end this.” Linda begged.

“I am fundamentally unable to address what you want, only what you need. And given your current attitude I don’t think your spankings will be over in only a month. I will consult with John when he returns on how to proceed.”

“There might be a war, what if he doesn’t return?” Linda wailed.

Drax didn’t answer, it was no longer part of his duties as he was in charge now, anyway he thought it was a selfish question. Ms Linda definitely needed a decent punishment regime. He would consult the files for advanced Matriarch disciplinary methods.

A sorry end.

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