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The correspondence began here.

Dear Amelia,

You last letter was an admixture of impertinence and ill-disciplined ramblings. How many times in the past were you told to order your thoughts before committing them to paper? As for the other matter, I know of the wild doings of certain young ladies that you alluded to and have many remedies for such. Also I must press you that on no account should you ride a horse astride, the very idea. Perhaps you do indeed need my guidance.

You have many questions and no doubt in due course I will answer them, for now let me guide you in the central thrust of your inquiries.

Firstly you wish to know if a widow such as yourself would benefit from my tutorage? The answer is an emphatic yes.

Secondly you wish to know if a woman above 30 is too old to go across my knee for a good sound bare bottom spanking? The answer is an equally emphatic no.

Thirdly you wish to know if women up to and beyond 30 are often spanked, caned, birched and otherwise severely chastised? Know this, indeed they very much are.

Finally, beyond the details, you wish to know if such arrangements are discreet. This is less easy to answer. For of course in the main they are, but sometimes in some regards these things involve necessary elements of shaming and can vary in the details of their operation.

In one case a woman of my professional acquaintance invited me to tea every second Saturday, this day being her maid’s afternoon off. Over tea and biscuits we would discuss her recent behaviour and general attitude and if found deficient she would have her skirts pinned up and I would take her across my knee for a long sound bare bottom spanking. She would then stand in the corner for the duration of the afternoon or until I felt she was sufficiently repentant.

On occasion I would resort to the cane or birch and make her a very sorry young lady indeed and one unable to sit down for some many days after.

This arrangement worked very well for the both of us until one afternoon the maid returned unaccountably early and entered the drawing room unannounced. The said lady having been recently spanked and at that time facing the corner with her very red rounds so completely exposed was utterly mortified.

The maid, who I suspect had long been acquainted with facts, did not turn a hair and asked if we required more tea.

After that I recruited the maid to aid in shaming the woman. The added benefit of this was that the girl could serve to ease the grazes and abrasions following a heavy session and was on hand to assist in certain other operations.

I hope that goes some way to answer you curiosity.


Jane Carlisle.


My Dear, dear Miss Carlisle,

How I blush to read your last letter and I have read it over and over.

When you next visit perhaps we can discuss how a certain lady close to us both might benefit in future from such guidance.

Yours very truly,


To be continued

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This is just a quick post to say thank you for all your best wishes and emails over the Holiday Season.

There was an annoying development in that the CMS system was reprogrammed to stop alerting me to comments pending approval. This at the same time as the email system stopped alerting me too and put the approvals pending in a sub-folder I rarely use.

Hopefully I have now sorted out all the penning comments. Sorry for any delays or confusions. None of you did anything wrong, it was all at my end.

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The correspondence began here.

Dear Amelia,

Thank you so much for your letter and for passing on my recent correspondence to the Comptons. I have now heard from Sir John and Lady Eugenia and matters are now in hand. More of which I will write in due course.

As to the other matter you raised, that of married women and women of marriageable age. I have already spoken of one such case, but this was by no means the only case. Most however were temporary engagements to guide new brides through the transition of running their own households, especially those who had not had benefit of an appropriate upbringing.

As to independent ladies that is entirely a different story. It is far more common than you might suppose and there are many reasons and varied arrangements for this. I know of at least three cases where a single woman has been brought to heel due to the legacy of a will. Indeed two such cases directly involved myself.

More common are those ladies of the middling sort who have gone out into the world to pursue a career only to fall foul of either the law or some predatory man. Cases concerning the former often include court appointed supervision for women permitted their liberty rather than prison.

The latter sort are often brought back to the family home and firmly retrained whilst some suitable match can be made for them to save the family honour.

There have been, on occasion, such girls who having inherited the family fortune and finding themselves without family are at such a loss that they have engaged my services as a mentor. These arrangements are highly varied in their situations and would take time to describe.

As for widows, that is an interesting idea. I myself have little experience of such situations, but one imagines that the principles are the same, especially where the widow is without other family and very young. One thinks of someone such as yourself for instance.


Jane Carlisle


My Dearest Miss Carlisle,

I apologise whole heartedly for the tardiness of my response.

First to the matter in hand, yes I have heard from Eugenia that they have indeed directly discussed with you the situation regarding their daughter and are very much looking forward to meeting you to finalise the arrangements.

As for the rest of your delightful correspondence, you may not realise it, but many of the situations you describe are much closer to my own than you might guess. I must also confess that I was quite distracted by the many possibilities and intriguing arrangements you have hinted at, but have yet to describe. I do hope that I can count on you to do so at our next meeting.

A thousand questions are pressing at my lips about that which you described. Do these ladies go about with natural lives, but secretly guided by you? Are they confined to accommodations you allow and do you ever live in, so to speak? How old is the oldest of these ladies? How old is too old?

I wonder how it would be if someone found out about what, I can only guess. Do you really chastise young women who have long outgrown the nursery? Do you really think your guidance is suitable for a widow and a woman or independent means?

The other day I reread your book as I pondered how to reply to your missive. I quite had to sit down and fan myself vigorously until there was nothing for it but a long walk in the grounds. In the end I took a bath and then bed in a vain effort to still my racing thoughts. As I lay in the dark I was assailed by feelings more intense than any I ever had with my late husband and it was all I could do not to imagine him with me. Other women of my acquaintance have hinted at certain massages to assuage these feelings, or even a robust horse ride whilst sitting astride as a man. The latter would be a scandal I am sure, and I have no inkling how it would help matters.

I cannot now look upon a comely woman, even those above thirty, and wonder when a rod or even a stern hand last addressed their lower person. The other day a young blue-stocking sat awkwardly in the tea room and did not settle at all. No doubt some simple women’s troubles or lumbago, but I could not help but ponder the matter and think of you.

I can scarcely think on much that you have said as it applies to others, let alone contemplate certain things for myself. I know you will be vexed with me for my tethered pen and my failure to be clear, but I pray you will take my meaning here and advise me when next we meet?

Yours most humbly,


To be continued



Thanks for all the good greetings. Here is a quick glance round at images found on the New Year blog circuit as the world starts its year.

These found at Real Spanking, Spanking Blogg, Ronnie, Devlin, Contemporary Spanking, Dallas and the Spanking Blog.

Happy New Year



A Decade on…


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Another year’s end has come, a decade since this blog began in August 2009. Too much has happened to properly review the last 10 years but I thought I would mark its passing.

When I began this blog I was single and living out of a suitcase half the year as an international corporate publisher. I had a lot of time, more money and even more alcohol. Hang on where did I go wrong?

No seriously, I am older, maybe wiser and very happily married. I do not have as much time to explore some of the stories and articles I once did and I know I have a backlog of series fiction to revisit, and I will. It is amazing to me that years, sometimes six or seven years, after I wrote this or that project I still get email asking when such and such will return. Thank you one and all for your interest and continued support.

When I set out, although not a complete novice, I wanted to explore and write the kind of fiction I wanted to read. I was inspired by old movies and the writings of Martin Pyx and Paul Little in his various guises, and also the works of Will Henry. The latter I hoped to copy with case studies of adult female spanking, both actual and imagined, hence the Dotes and Reality Bites features.

Later as I started to sell books, 10,000 so far, I realised that hundreds and then thousands were reading my words every day and I started to think more carefully about what I wrote.

I have so much pending, both reportage and fiction and I hope that you will stay with me for the next 10 years.

Happy New Year, happy new decade and good luck; I have a feeling we are all going to need it.

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The correspondence began here.

Dear Amelia,

I did indeed spank a Prussian Princess, and more than once. I will not name her here, but you may remember her name. Spanking was the least of it, although once she had felt the birch she came to regard the slipper and hairbrush as her friend. I brought her to such a humble condition that for a time she would come to me with the least confession and go across my knee like a lamb before I heard of any sin, lest I take her to task with the rod instead. Imagine it, a young woman of high and royal birth meekly standing in the corner with a reddened behind displayed starkly for the edification of her personal maid and younger siblings. The latter including an elder brother on at least one occasion.

The third time I had to resort to the birch with her she wept like a commoner even as she trimmed the makings. She all but begged for a sound spanking instead and so earnestly apologised. I of course did not bend, but she got her requested spanking as an entrée, so to speak, and then stood an hour in the corner of the school room under the eagle eye of a maid as she waited for the main event. Afterwards she begged off horse riding for a week.

Whilst we reminisce, I do recall another naked behind that suffered, for much the same reasons and with much the same consequence.


Jane Carlisle.


Dear Miss Carlisle,

I blush for the princess and even more for that other naked behind that suffered so, I recall it so well. I blush even more when I think of that other tale you told, so passionately agreeable in its drama, and yet dreadful in its contemplation that I can hardly set it words here. I speak of course of that married woman you once mentored. To be engaged by a husband to tame a wilful bride must have been strange, although I sense gratifying. When I thought of the details I had to take a tepid bath to calm my nerves.

It set me to wondering, have you ever mentored a widow or an independent woman beyond the jurisdiction of her family?

To hastily change the subject I have spoken again to the Comptons. They are quite minded to engage your services and perhaps we can proceed sooner rather than later in that direction?

Yours expectantly,


To be continued

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