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I am going to be a little bit busy for the next couple of weeks. Look out for new installments of our ongoing series, but otherwise posting will be a little bit lighter than usual.

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Part I here

It was a very long time before Alice realised that neither John nor Adam were coming back. After getting the mother and father of all spankings from John they had sent her to the corner, teasing her that she would stay there for an hour unless she wanted to get the switch in front of everyone. She had felt variously silly, aroused and humble at her treatment and had wondered if another spanking from Adam would have been so bad. Not that she wanted the promised belt, but maybe that was just part of the general teasing.

At first they had talked about her as if she wasn’t there, unless it was to comment on her sore bottom or how well she had taken her spanking. As time went on it dawned on her that perhaps according to their code she had deserved a spanking and now thoroughly put in her place she was forgiven.

It irked her that she was so accepting of this, but confronting the alternative meant that her cowardice and recklessness might have cost lives. Also she so wanted to rub her sore bottom, but kind of liked that she was too scared to. It was almost as if even such a trivial act by her mattered.

Then they had fallen to serious chatter about the hunters and had taken the conversation outside. She heard enough to know that she was seriously out of her depth and probably always would be.

Then as time went by she began to feel cold and even the burn in her bottom had eased. At least 40 minutes had gone by since they had gone outside and then got it. They had either finished with her or events had over taken them. They had just left her there standing in the corner like inconsequential brat. Well, compared to them in this world she was, she supposed.

It was hard to get mad and with a sigh she lowered her arms. The mirror revealed that her tail end was far from recovered and she turned this way and that to take in the view. Both the recent memory and some enthusiastic medicinal massaging left her breathless and when the door opened after a cursory knock she snatched away errant hands and all but leapt away from the mirror.

“Stacy,” she gasped and relaxed her grip on the towel hastily used to cover herself. “Are you okay?” she said, seeing that the young writer had been crying.

Stacy nodded vigorously and smiled despite the red rimmed eyes. “Are you?”

“I am not altogether sure,” Alice sighed. “You look like you have been crying?”

Stacy flopped down to sit on the bed and then jumped up again with an ‘ow.’ “This time Garrick spanked me,” she admitted, “What is it with these people?” She was rubbing her butt.

Alice offered Stacy a fixed grin as she slowly turned around and dropped her towel. “Snap,” she said with a wince.

“Wow, that looks almost as sore as my behind,” Stacy sounded genuinely impressed. “Who did that?” She leaned in for a closer look.

“The twins figured I needed taking down a peg for our little escape attempt,” Alice said ruefully.

“That was pretty much why Garrick spanked me,” Stacy lied.

Alice stooped to recover the towel and recovered herself. “Figures,” she said sounding unconvinced.

There was a long, long silence and Stacy moved over to a shelf and picked up a stray ornament as if it was fascinating.

“Stacy,” Alice took a deep breath. “Did Garrick say anything about… well, Stacy I saw, I saw what happened. You are one of them.”

“Yah,” Stacy sighed. “That’s what Garrick thinks too.” She put the ornament down and with a sudden wail she rushed forward and hugged Alice. She was crying.


Both brothers were not far away. In the days when they smoked they would have paused of a drag or two and watched the world go by. Instead they stood in companionable silence watching the to and fro in the compound and wondered if they should go help.

“You didn’t get to spank Alice,” John told his brother as if just remembering.

“You got it done,” Adam shrugged, “Besides, I figure she was cooked.”

“She looked more like she was going the other way to me,” John shot back. “I mean… I bet she is mad that we left her even if us staying did mean another spanking. Did you see her eyes? Talk about hungry like a wolf.”

“That’s what I mean. She is off balance, so are we for that matter,” Adam said sagely. “We have bigger fish to fry than… well to tell the truth I am stuck on the girl and I think you are too.”

John stuffed his hands in the back pockets of his jeans and looked to the heavens with a heavy sigh. His brother was right.

“I don’t think either of us is thinking straight, I know I’m not. Think about it. She is new to all of this before we start fighting over her. Her head must be a whirl.” Adam sounded glum.

“We are not fighting over her, are we?” John folded his arms and met his brother’s gaze.

“No, for the first time,” Adam agreed. “For the first time I care more what she thinks than what you think.”

“We let her choose?” John said and closed his eyes, in a contest he had to lose.

Adam reached out and came close to hugging his younger brother. Instead his hand settled on his shoulder. “We have to let her go. She ran once but her timing was off. Next time…” He swallowed hard. This was new territory for him. Next time she goes I will never see her again.

Just then Jared lumbered across the yard and saw his brother’s deep in conversation. He knew why too.

“Hey, stop mooning over that damn woman and get with the programme,” He bellowed.

Adam’s hackles rose and for a moment he took a warrior stance. It was all instinct and for a moment the air smelled dangerous.

John moved to cover his twin, just catching Jared’s eye to warn him her had his twin brother’s back. But Jared was brother too and the elder. One day he would be Alpha and any confrontation would have been a short one. “We hear you bro,” John answered.

Jared grinned. He knew when not to push. “I need you at my back,” he said.

Adam relaxed and nodded. “You got it boss man.”

Satisfied, Jared jogged away.

The twins exchanged glances. Nothing came between them, nothing would.


“So which of those boys are you dating anyway?” Stacy giggled. She was happy to change the subject. It was good to know that she wasn’t the only one getting spanked.

“Dating?” Alice shrugged, “So far both of them, not that that was my plan,” she added.

“I mean…” Stacy grinned.

“I know what you mean,” Alice said quickly, “Since you ask…” she blushed and her mouth formed a smirk, “So far both of them.”

Stacy gaped and her eyes opened wide. “No way,” she gasped and then she grinned, “Way to go girl.”

Alice rubbed her behind. “More fun in the contemplation than the execution I would say,” she said ruefully.

“I have never been with two guys at once,” Stacy bit her lower lip; a famous pop was imminent.

“Stacy,” Alice tried to sound shocked, “I haven’t either.”

Stacy grinned. The idea was there and Alice knew it. The lawyer was blushing.

“Which one do you prefer?” Stacy broke the awkward pause.

Alice shrugged. “I don’t know,” she sighed. “I used to think Adam. I have a thing about bad boys. But John is nice and as it turns out he can hold his own in the bad boy stakes.”

“So you like John?” Stacy asked.

“Adam is more vulnerable than he likes to think and all that go-for-it-first think-about-it-later crap is a front.” Alice told her.

“So you do like Adam?” Stacy accused.

Alice screwed up her face and with her teeth on points groaned, “Oh I don’t know.”

To be continued…




Part one here

They had slept and awoken and then made love again, all before falling back to sleep. Now and then he engaged her in a manner she once thought of as conventional. Occasionally he even turned her across his knee for an unrestrained spanking. Little by little Tzara lost herself until no longer knew which was up.

“The sun sets,” Galen said, his words dragging her awake. “I am hungry.”

“We have been… all day,” Tara said in wonder. Strangely she realised that she too was hungry. This was too real, this was insane. She ached at both ends of her body and deep in places she scarcely wanted to think about. Between waist and thighs she was sorer than she could ever remember, especially on the backside and deep between her bottom cheeks her intimate bud sizzled like a tender hot coal. In fact all beyond that felt as if a whole army had passed through.

“Too much?” he asked, one eyebrow quizzically cocked.

Tzara licked her lips and realised she could still taste him. She shook her head. It was true. God help her, she even wanted more.

He smiled. “Let us eat,” he said and pulled a bell rope. “My men will be wondering what happened to me.”

“It seems a shame to get up now My Lord,” Tzara said in her best sultry voice.

Galen studied her with eyes of cold steel before his smile reached his eyes. Having appraised her, he said, “You are all I hoped for, more perhaps.”

“I guess you tamed me,” she answered, deliberately omitting to address him as lord. It was the most challenge she could muster just then.

He didn’t notice and moments later Maria arrived with a tray of food. No doubt she had anticipated the request.

“Oh my god,” Tzara gasped as she was overcome by the scent of the tray.

“Once she has eaten, conduct Lady Tzara back to her rooms,” Galen told the maid. Then grabbing a handful of food he strode from bed and headed into the other chamber.

Tzara made to protest and watched his retreating nakedness with longing. Then she saw Maria grinning at her. She shrugged. “The food is good,” Tzara said now with her mouth full.

The maid glanced in the direction of what was presumably a bathroom of some sort. “Much is good no?”

Tzara grinned.


The next day Tzara ached in places she didn’t know could ache. Having slept face down, she also suspected that sitting down was still out of the question. Still, she had slept well and after Maria helped her get dressed, she went to breakfast.

The halls were familiar to her now and she found her way to the great hall easily. Only her third day here and already she was already getting acclimatised. As she thought of Galen she had butterflies in her tummy and wondered if… she shook herself. Yesterday had been a long way from her comfort zone in many more ways than one. Her body wasn’t ready to repeat the experience even if she was.  Not that she was sure about that either.

To her disappointment Galen was not at his table, nor was Lucinda. In fact she hardly recognised anyone. She was grateful though that this time there was a pillow at her place on the bench, not that it afforded much comfort so she did not linger.

There was a castle to explore and she still had to work out the purpose of the game. Was the aim to become a great lady and marry the lord of the land? Or was she a spy working for Galen’s enemies. This last thought disturbed her and she found that she hoped not.

Her best bet as a starting point was to seek out Lucinda. Maybe her friend would give her a tour of the castle and tell her more about the social workings of this society. She knew that the day before Lucinda had been spanked by her master and had spent at least some of the day standing in the corner of his office. Yesterday the very idea had shocked her, but now she was curious. Maybe they could trade war stories.

“You girl,” Tzara addressed a passing maid; she hoped she sound authoritative rather than officious. She suspected she had failed.

The girl dropped a curtsey but otherwise appeared unimpressed.

“Where will I find Lady Lucinda?” Tzara asked the girl.

“In her quarter’s ma’am,” the maid answered.

“Which are?” Tzara pressed her.

The girl all but sneered and made a hazy lazy point down the hall. “The… ladies like yourself are quartered in the west tower… ma’am.”

Tzara might have said more, but she realised now that she was in a privileged position. Lucinda was right, she did have status. “Thank you,” she said.

The girl curtseyed, but her manner softened a little with Tzara’s expression of thanks. No doubt the use of manners to the lower classes was a rare thing.

Tzara followed her nose and soon the castle became both busy and less well decorated. Somewhere food was being cooked and its smells competed with wood smoke somewhere near outside. Also outside someone was hitting something with a hammer with a steady metallic clank and Tzara even heard the neighing of horses.

The west tower was entered through a heavy wooden door off a wide passageway. Somewhere deep in the castle were the kitchens and to the right a courtyard. This Tzara had surmised from the light chill that came from that direction as people passed through another set of heavy doors. She paused to study the route to the exit and wondered just ow complex this world really was. Then she refocused on the task in hand.

The stairwell beyond the doors was winding, but wide enough, but she hesitated until another passing maid made a quick bob and told Tzara where to go.

“Oh thank you?” Tzara called out, but the girl had already gone.


The door was ordinary enough. It was small and not half as ornate as Tzara’s rooms. It was shaped with an arch that came to a point and a tall woman, let alone a man would have to stoop to enter. Tzara knocked once.

“Who is it?” a distant voice called from within.

“Tzara,” Tzara replied.

There was a long silence and then the same voice, now obviously Lucinda called out, “Please go away.”

“Oh… I only wanted… sorry,” Tzara yelled back. It was awkward talking through a door. “Are you alright?”

Hearing no reply Tzara made to go. Then she heard a groan from within. “You had better come in,” Lucinda called, but she sounded put out and reluctant.

The door opened easily and Tzara entered. “Look I am sorry, I’ll go if…” Then she paused.

Lucinda was naked. Not only that she was tied at the wrists and ankles spread eagled and upright to the bedposts. She had her back to the door so that she faced the bed on which she was unable to lie.

Tzara could see that Lucinda’s bottom was a deep red and mottled with small welts and bruises. It looked at least as sore as her own behind and what a bottom it was.

“Oh my god,” Tzara gasped.

“I apologise for sending you away, please don’t tell my master, it is not really allowed you see.” Lucinda sounded utterly miserable.

“It looks sore, shall I cut you down?” Tzara moved to help.

“Please no,” Lucinda said in panic, “Don’t you know? I am being disciplined.”

“Disciplined? What did you do? I mean…” Tzara walked around so that she could see Lucinda’s front.

“Don’t worry about that,” Lucinda said ruefully. “I am sorry about… well it’s embarrassing.” She made a face. “How can I help?”

“Help? I think you need my help,” Tzara had stifled a laugh. “Are you alright?”

“My arms ache the worse, well apart from my… well you know,” Lucinda made another wincey face and made a gesture that in other circumstances might have been a shrug.

“I could untie you and then tie you up again?” Tzara suggested.

Lucinda laughed and shook her head. “Thank you, but… well for one thing I think I deserve it and another… I could no more lie to my master than… well he would know, I promise you. Then we would both be in trouble. Look it is not so bad.”

Tzara grimaced and began to flutter. She had no idea what to do in the situation.

“Why don’t you sit down? Do you want anything? You will have to summon the maid and won’t she love it?” Lucinda rolled her eyes.

“No I am alright thanks,” Tzara said and sat down and immediately regretted it.

“Looks like you have problems of your own,” Lucinda chuckled.

“Lord Galen…” Tzara chewed her lip shyly.

“Not all blistered bottoms I hope?” Lucinda said.

Tzara blushed and rapidly shook her head.

“I knew you would… suit one another,” Lucinda looked genuinely pleased.

“And the Lord Chamberlain, are you suited?” Tzara looked dubious.

“Karl, Karl is… well Karl. I wouldn’t want him any other way,” Lucinda said ruefully.

“Crazy town,” Tzara sighed. The expression was one from her childhood and lost on Lucinda.

“So how can I help?” Lucinda asked again. Her breasts and naked sex were thrust out and proud. The question seemed incongruous.

“I was… well hoping for a tour round,” Tzara said but gestured to Lucinda’s predicament. “I thought we could compare notes.”

Lucinda chuckled. “Tomorrow I will get Karl’s permission to show you around,” she said, “As for comparing notes, as you say… well you tell me all the grubby details and I will tell you why and how I am being punished.” She winked.

To be continued…




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This week and for the next couple of weeks this community page is going to be light. I do hope to continued In the Service of the Wolf and perhaps finish Holodeck Hell, but topical content is hard to queue up.

I will predict that the next few weeks will see spanking horseplay from Czech Republic and a plethora of girls being spanked by Easter Bunnies.

It is worth keeping an eye on the censorship measures being proposed in the UK. To read more about his check out Pandora’s site.

Also Real Spanking are running an offer.

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Vintage Sunday


vin girl-getting-spanked-vintage-photo-bvin girl-getting-spanked-vintage-photo-cvin girl-getting-spanked-vintage-photo-n_imagevin Naughty-Girls-Spanking


Part one here

Tzara still lay firmly across his lap. The spanking had lasted for what seemed hours and she had long since surrendered to the idea that it would never end. At some point she had stopped yelling and had given over to moaning and gentle tears.

Sensing that she had reached that point, Galen tilted the woman further across his lap and cupped her lower curves with his right hand. Her bottom was a rich deep red and generating real heat. With a wry smile he noted that the woman was wetter at the hot end than the other and he ran a tender finger down the cleft between glowing rounds.

Tzara groaned and rolled her hips.

“Do you know who is in charge now?” Galen asked in a soothing baritone.

“Yes my lord,” Tzara sighed. At that moment he owned her and she could not even remember who she was.

Galen slowly undid the ties on the back of her gown and then told her to stand up.

Tzara did not want to move, he might spank her some more but at least she was safe.

“Stand up,” he ordered.

Reluctantly and unsteadily she gained her feet and looked at him with lost eyes. The dress slid from her body and into a puddle on the floor leaving her naked except for the breast supporting corset.

“We have established that you are not a virgin in the usual sense of that word, but I will have you as no one has before,” Galen said commandingly.

“Yes my lord,” Tzara could scarce draw a breath.

“Now kneel down and thank me for spanking you,” he said. As he spoke he stripped off his shirt and began unbuttoning his breeches.

His body was magnificent; all smooth rolling curves of muscle all perfectly aligned. Once he slid out of his lower clothing the view got very much better. She had never seen a man so fantastically aroused.

Fellatio had never been her favourite pastime and only a handful of lovers had been worthy of the attempt. But she knew what he wanted and for once she was ready to devour a man down to his soul.

“Thank you my lord, thank you for spanking my bare bottom so soundly,” she whispered loud enough for him to hear. This time she embraced the seeming humiliation of the words and savoured them as she would savour much else. Then eagerly she opened her mouth wide as she knelt forward to take the plum sized head into her mouth.

“Easy girl,” he groaned.

But she knew what to do, too well. He knew at once that a quick roll in the hay was not her only experience.

“You have done this before,” he groaned.

She smiled up at him with her eyes and took her mouth down the whole length of his manhood. Then it was his turn to surrender.


The very naked man had to recline to recover himself as her regarded his latest concubine. He watched as she grinned at him and licked the last from her lips and swallowed it. She looked far too pleased with herself.

“You really have done that before,” he chuckled.

“Not like that,” she said insistently. It was true. Never before had she enjoyed that experience. “Thank you my lord,” she added and for once she meant it.

“Nonetheless I must have you as no one ever has before we consummate our arrangement. It is the custom,” he challenged. His honour was up and he would not fail.

“I will do whatever you want,” she said and wondered if she meant it. Her mind raced with endless possibilities, both imagined and seen on countless planets and sex-shows.

“I know that,” he grinned, “But in truth I can only do this once or twice more.”

Tzara sucked in her cheeks and considered his words with excitement. She could still taste him. “I am truly not that accomplished in these matters,” she told him, hoping her words matched his thinking.

He nodded. “I ought to spank you again,” he growled.

She nodded and found herself blushing that she no longer resented the suggestion. “You are the first to do that at least,” she told him.

He looked surprised and his expression softened. “Bend over the bed,” he said.

She darted her gaze to the great four-poster and wondered if she was to be punished again. The idea gave her a surge of arousal and she had to catch her breath. My god, she thought, how to be perverted in one easy lesson. Then feigning reluctance she crawled to the bed and clambered up on to it so that her sore bare bottom was turned to him. What with last night, this morning and whatever he intends for me now I won’t be sitting down any time soon, she thought ruefully.

Once there he moved behind her and instead of spanking her he began rolling his hands over her punished red flesh; soothing oil into her skin until she cooed.

“You know what I intend?” he said softly.

“No my lord,” she whispered.

Then he touched her most intimate place and gently inserted a slippery finger.

“Oh,” she gasped.

“I may have to spank you again just to get… oh no…” he said and she could hear his grin in his voice although she had opted to flop forward and close her eyes.

“Oh my lord,” she said breathless.

“Has anyone ever…?” he asked.

“No my lord,” her eyes flew open and she tensed a little against the sheets.

He smiled and eased his finger in a little more deeply as he began to slide his member through his oil dripping hand. “I am almost sorry,” he murmured. “There was another thing I wanted to try.”

“We can do that too,” she blurted, having no idea what he meant. But distracted by the suggestion, she was taken by surprise when he entered her. She gasped.

For a long second she thought his finger had become a fist and then a whole arm pressing into her. Then pain was bearable but she bit down on the bed cover all the same.

“Slowly, slowly does it,” he said in a strained voice.

Tzara just clenched her face and groaned. This was different that she had expected. The sensations were… she groaned again.

He slid himself all the way in until a biting tight steel ring gripped him at the base of his cock. “Do you hate me now?” he groaned.

“No My Lord,” she gasped.

“Now hold it there,” he matched her breathlessness.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,” she panted in time to her breathing. He boldly goes… she thought.

To be continued




School Daze


The fascination with school punishments and the cane seems to go beyond the spanking community. It is less common now, but not so long ago provincial towns and cities in Britain had regular school disco events. These were school days themed club nights where dance goers dressed as either retro British school masters (sometimes school mistresses) complete with cap and gown or as school girls. Inevitably the cane was a regular prop and the bending pose for six of the best was often used in publicity or in newspaper coverage.

Many years ago I read in the Guardian about an adult school for women who wanted to capture the innocence of yesteryear. A 30-something reporter even took part in one of their long-weekends. It was billed as having real classes with set tests. Low achievers and misbehaviour was punished with lines, being sent the corner and the cane.

The whole thing was supposed to be therapeutic, although the journalist hinted that she thought the whole thing might have been a thin disguise for a lesbian fetish party. She didn’t seem to mind that and one wonders if she didn’t volunteer to cover the story.

The event was attended by lawyers, at least one police officer and a number of real life teachers. No one was identified and it was all in strict confidence.

Centre stage was the reporting on the cane. This, we were told, was not played for laughs and real punishments of between four and 15 strokes were handed out, although some participants arranged in advance for alternatives. Something that the rueful reporter wished she had understood; or so she claimed.

How did the organiser (herself a retired headmistress) respond to allegations that some of the caning was too cruel and carried out on the bare?

Apparently classroom punishments were only on the knickers. Bare bottom caning was a private affair. She said that for the less rugged girls, there was always the slipper.

Was our intrepid journalist caned? Anticipating the question, the reporter reported that in her day girls did not tell.

These days there are clubs such as CLASS Ireland or the English Headmaster where you can explore this world.


Part one here

Tzara tried to catch her breath, and not only from the brisk pace Galen was setting. His threat to spank her had rattled her and a cascade of competing thoughts tumbled through her brain. She was so far out of her comfort zone that even her extensive xeno-training was no help. Also she was pretty sure that her discomfort was about to grow.

His grip on her arm was steady as he led her through a series of doors and up a wide twisting staircase to what appeared to be an opulent set of chambers. The walls were hung with vivid tapestries set against rich red wooden panels. However, the pace of their steady march left her little time to take in the décor.

Here and there were servants and soldiers and Tzara blushed as she was all but dragged past them by the arm like an errant child and forced to endure their smirks and sniggers. It was obvious that no one was in any doubt as to her fate.

“Look, we can talk about this,” Tzara complained.

Galen barely slowed as he turned to look at her mid stride. “Oh that is very much my intention. We are going to have a very long talk about your misspent past and your imminent future,” he said sharply. But he still seemed more amused than angry.

Finally they arrived at two ornately carved doors with a dozing token guard. The startled man came to attention and then hastily made to open the chamber.

Galen did not break his stride and as the doors parted he pulled a stumbling Tzara into the room.

The wall was more window than stone and the view was breath-taking. Even in her apprehension Tzara had to do a double-take. There was also a huge four poster bed, the four columns of thrusting twisted wood reaching for the ceiling. It was wide enough for three or four people to lie crosswise, she noted, and she suspected that they probably had at one time or another.

Galen let go of her arm and regarded her sternly. “I hope you were paying attention as to how to get here,” he said and then divesting himself of his long frock coat, he tossed it onto a chair. Then one by one he set about removing the rings from his fingers. “I will summon you often.”

Tzara swallowed, she hadn’t a clue which way they had come, but just then she was more concerned with what he was doing. With the rings set down on a small bedside table he began to roll up the sleeves of his white silk shirt.

“My lord, please, I am still sore from yesterday, you can’t really mean to…?” she licked her lips nervously and reached to the back of her gown. “I haven’t done anything,” she whined.

Galen regarded her quizzically for a moment and then went to sit on the edge of the bed. “I know your type,” he said, “Proud, and in your own way, accomplished. I bet you were the queen bee in your village. Even the men took note when you went by. Not just of your beauty, I would wager. I bet you always have something to say, ready to judge your betters and belittle those of a lower station.”

Tzara felt her mouth go dry. If by village he meant the ship then she had to admit there was something in what he said. “My lord, please, I…”

Galen crooked his finger at her and then patted his lap.

Tzara felt her mouth go dry and there was strange fizzing disconnect in her head. This wasn’t happening. She was an officer, for goodness sake. She should defy him and take the consequences, but that thought made her quail as she remembered the dungeon.

“My girl, you are going to go across my knee for good long hard spanking and there is nothing you can do about it,” Galen warned and beckoned to her again.

If I surrender now… not completing the thought, but her legs made a decision for her and she found herself taking two or three hesitant steps towards him. It was enough. Galen reached out and took her hand and this time instead of pulling her, he led her to standing alongside his right thigh.

“Please, this is so embarrassing,” Tzara whispered.

“I could take you back to the Great Hall,” Galen said sharply, “Then while the servants clean up you could go and stand in the corner.”

Tzara felt a surge of panic and blushed furiously. She remembered Lucinda.

Galen was merciful and without further debate he toppled her forwards so that she was bottom up over his lap.

“Ooh,” Tzara squealed. But she only began to struggle when he turned up her skirts to expose her bottom.

“A little sore, you colour up so nicely. Oh and I see we have some small bruises here,” he said commandingly. His fingers were tracing the intimate spot between her thighs where the beam and pressed into her. “Bruises are for here,” he added and spanked her once sharply and across both bottom cheeks.

“Ah,” she gasped. That one spank stung and she wriggled.

“You will be spanked and spanked often,” Galen warned her. “If you defy me then things will get a little sharper. If necessary you will spend some time in the dungeon and believe me, last night I went easy on you.”

Tzara was breathing fast and steadily while her eyes flicked back and forth. She knew protests were futile and anything else would be humiliating. She wished that she did not enjoy the sensation of his hand on her bottom so much. Then he flicked a single finger more deeply and she gasped.

“I am going to spank you,” Galen said leaning in low and squeezing her behind. “What am I going to do?”

Tzara worked her mouth and hoped his question was rhetorical.

Galen spanked her once and growled, “What am I going to do?”

She was panting now and her face glowed hot. Then literally swallowing her pride she rasped. “You are going to spank me my lord.”

Galen spanked her once more and she yelped.

“I am going to give you a spanking? What am I going to do?” Galen pressed her.

“You are going to give me a spanking my lord,” she panted.

He slapped her again. “I am going to give you a good sound spanking on your bare bottom, what am I going to do?”

Tzara squirmed and just then she wished she was anywhere but there. “Please my lord, I won’t…”

Galen spanked her sharply once and then thrice more. “What am I going to do?”

“You are going to… to give me a good s-sound… sp-spanking on my… my bare bottom,” she managed. She was mortified.

Galen gave her a 30 second burst of spanking that stung and she gasped and bucked. “Do you deserve it?” he asked her at last.

Tzara swallowed and then with a sullen pout she said, “Yes my lord.”

His hand spanked her harder than she remembered and she tried not to cry out. But after what seemed like hours she began to make a mewling sound. “What do you deserve?” he asked during a pause.

A tear rolled down her cheek and she tried to get her breath. “A good sound spanking my lord,” she acknowledged.

He ran a slow finger between her bottom cheeks and felt the moisture gathering deep between.

Tzara let out a gasp and began to squirm.

“You told me what you deserve, now ask me for it,” he ordered.

She lay mouth-breathing and almost enjoying close contact with a man. She arched her bottom and offered him her sex. Maybe she could distract him.

“Answer me,” he growled.

Tzara took a deep breath and whispered, “Please my lord, give me a good sound spanking on my bare bottom.” With those words she let go of something she couldn’t name that she had been holding too close for a very long time.

Galen spanked her sharply and followed the slap with another less than a second later. This set the pace for the next five minutes while Tzara twisted and groaned, not entirely from the sting as spank followed spank and her bottom stung until it burned.

To be continued..


Part I here

Alice tried to grit her teeth against the onslaught to her bottom. John had managed to make the spanking, sting, burn and ache all at the same time and it was getting decidedly hotter. She was making a groaning sound in her throat and it was hard to keep still. All the same John kept up a steady pace, pausing only now and then to see that he was making an impact and to try and make eye contact with the woman.

“Stubborn isn’t she?” Adam chuckled as he surveyed her tender tail. “I have never seen anyone go so red, and at both ends too.”

John noticed something else. Alice had the sharp scent of arousal and he noticed the few hairs peeking between her legs were plastered wet against her thighs. “I think she is enjoying this,” he teased.

“Maybe you just need to spank her harder,” Adam suggested.

Alice felt her face melt at both comments and chewed down the urge to curse at them.

“Maybe I need to fetch a paddle or a switch,” John countered.

“Come on, please I’m sorry,” Alice gushed breathlessly.

“Apparently she is sorry,” Adam said in an amused voice.

John pretended puzzlement and shot his brother a mock plaintive look. “But she can’t be, I have hardly gotten started.”

“Maybe she is just waiting for my turn to be real sorry,” Adam laughed.

John spanked Alice in a rapid series of slaps so that she twisted and yelled. He was still spanking her hard as he said, “Maybe she is waiting for your turn to stop enjoying herself.”

Adam’s nostrils flared and her grinned. “I see what you mean.”

“This is getting us nowhere,” John sighed and stopped spanking her. “What do you think; more pain or more shame?”

Alice’s eyes flew open and she began to struggle against John’s grip. “Look I’m sorry, see it is working. You should spank me some more,” she babbled and pushed her bottom up obscenely.

“You are right, she is loving this,” Adam chuckled.

“I am not, please I’m not,” Alice wailed.

“Such a liar,” Adam sighed.

Alice was panting hard and her bottom was on fire. They were right, she had never been so aroused and she had no right to be. She was so ashamed. It would serve her right if they did spank her outside. “I am sorry I ran. Did people really get hurt because of me?” she sounded like little girl lost.

John and Adam exchanged glances and John shrugged where Alice couldn’t see.

“Probably not,” Adam sighed, “It doesn’t make it alright though.”

“I know,” Alice said dejectedly. It was odd having a conversation with two men while across the knee of one of them and her bottom bared to both. “Are you really going to…” she swallowed, “switch me?”

“We ought to,” John told her.

“The tradition is that you go get it naked and cut a switch or two for yourself,” Adam continued.

Alice looked round at him with undisguised horror.

“It is true,” John agreed.

“Please,” she gulped, “Maybe I…”

“Go stand in the corner,” John said releasing her, “We will think on it.”

Alice got to her feet with a pained expression which said, ‘do I have to?’ This was so embarrassing.

“Maybe a lick or two of my belt would be a good compromise,” Adam suggested.

“After, what 30 minutes in the corner?” John suggested.

“An hour I think,” Adam countered.

“Seems fair,” John chuckled.

“Oh come on guys,” Alice wailed.

John folded his arms and gave her a warning look. Then to Adam he just said, “Or maybe we could just switch her outside in the yard?”

“I’m going, I’m going,” Alice said hastily and went to the corner.

“I want your nose touching that wall,” John told her.

“And keep your hands on your head,” Adam added.

“Fine,” Alice muttered and plonked her hands to her neck like a surly teen.

“Good job bro,” Adam said as he studied Alice’s spanked bottom.

“Thanks bro,” John grinned.

“Bass’rds…” Alice muttered.

“What was that?” Adam growled.

“Thank you for doing such a good job,” Alice said quickly, “And for my…” she stamped her foot and then got a hold of herself and gave a heavy sigh. The most humiliating thing about this was that part of her felt that she might deserve it.

“I think she is learning,” Adam smiled.

John grinned and nodded and returned his gaze to Alice’s very red bare bottom.


Not far away in Stacy’s room, Garrick and the investigative writer were still talking. Stacy really would have preferred to stand, but confronted with the reassuring, if immoveable presence of Garrick she had begun to open up.

“You are saying that my Dad was a… was like you?” Stacy said with a frown.

“It is not the only explanation, but it is the most likely,” Garrick agreed.

“I thought you could get like bitten or something?” Stacy focussed on the generalities, it was easier that way.

“And were you bitten or something?” Garrick asked in an amused tone.

“No,” Stacy sighed. She would definitely remember that. But why would that have been preferable?

Garrick made his hands into a church and leaned forward. “Most of the Kin are born to it. If both parents are of the blood then it rarely skips a generation. But that is the other explanation. Your grandparents or one of them…”

Stacy considered this. It didn’t really fit. She shook her head. “They were all pretty normal I think… not that I knew them…”

“The only other way is to encounter aggressive or prolonged contact with one of our kind. That may be by surviving a mauling, a rare enough event, but it is not inevitable. Our kind have married ordinary folk before and they have lived together for years, as your mother and father may have done. It doesn’t mean that someone will turn.” Garrick considered this. “It has happened though, a wife or husband turning their partner. No one knows how or why this happens. Have you had any…?”

Stacy was shaking her head and she thought back on relationships she had had. “A few boyfriends in my teens… a few one night stands, an occasional girl.” She looked up for a sign of his disapproval and made a plaintive so-what gesture. “No one long-term and anyway… aren’t you saying my mother knew, so it was before, wasn’t it?”

“That is my belief,” Garrick agreed.

Stacy rolled her eyes. “So what? Where does this take us, I don’t want it any of this,” she said angrily.

“Yeah, I know,” Garrick sighed. “But that is where we find ourselves.”

“It is where you find yourself, I am out of here. I have managed up to now,” Stacy began to feel the rage again.

“Steady down,” Garrick told her. “You are not going anywhere until you learn how to handle this properly and we have dealt with the hunters.”

Stacy glared at him and stood up. Without regard to her nakedness she stooped and began to defiantly drag her denims back up. “Says you,” she said sullenly.

Garrick gave a sigh and then without breaking a sweat he grabbed the girl and swung her around so that he could drape her back across his knees.

“N-no, no, not again, come on,” she wailed.

Swiftly baring her bottom again Garrick swung the flat of his hand down with a sharp crack and resumed the earlier spanking as he had warned.

“Oh please, oh-ow, ow, ow, ooh,” Stacy protested angrily and began struggling.

The powered spanks soon turned gasps to grunts and yelps to full-bloodied hollering. In a minute flat she was bawling like sobbing child and very, very sorry she had crossed the man yet again.

“You will learn,” Garrick said firmly.

“Okay, okay, I get it,” she sobbed.

“I know, I know, but you need this don’t you?” he soothed without missing a spank.

“Yes,” she wailed, and she knew she did. If her dad had stuck around she guessed she would have gotten the same only much, much sooner.

The spanking lasted another three or four minutes and then Garrick pulled her into a hug so that he rocked her.

“I am sorry,” she cried.

“I know,” he soothed.

Then as the tears came under control she smiled and sniffed. “I guess I needed that.”

Garrick smiled indulgently and nodded. “Now young lady, back to the corner,” he told her.

“Yes Sir,” she said and gave him a rueful smile.

“You can stay there a while and think it over,” he told her in a scolding tone.

“Yes Sir,” she said ruefully and chewed at her lip.

“And if you even think about moving…” Garrick cocked a warning eyebrow.

“Yes Sir,” she repeated earnestly. The cosy feeling of safety that now surrounded her was an unfamiliar one, but she decided not to fight it.

To be continued




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