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Dear Miss Carlisle,

I was so happy to hear that you have returned to England after all this time. I hope your sojourn in India was both enjoyable and fruitful. There are many who have served the Empire there who have returned with nothing but praise on their lips of your various successes there. I cannot say that I am at all surprised.

I suppose you heard that my husband, Sir John Ogilvy, died last September last and I am now back at Darnley House. You may not have heard that my dear Mama finally succumbed to her various ailments and was buried back in May.

Given our former relationship I am hesitant to be over familiar, but I do hope you might consider a short visit here to renew our acquaintance and talk over old times.

Yours Amelia, Lady Ogilvy, née Darnley,
Darnley House, October 1891


Dear Lady Ogilvy,

How nice that you remember me, and without rancour it would seem. Yes I was so sorry to hear of your late husband’s misfortune and that of your mother, Lady Darnley. I offer my sincere condolences for them both.

As for my sojourn in India, as you put it, I must own it was a success. It is gratifying that my reputation has preceded me. However, I must take issue with the suggestion that my work is in any way enjoyable, for that suggests frivolity rather than noble duty, which is at the heart of my vocation.

Your invitation for a visit to Darnley does rather take me by surprise. You were always so reluctant to accept my good offices and it was only as you approached your nuptials did we arrive at any measure of mutual understanding.

However, if you are sincere in your offer I would be happy to consider it.

Yours curiously,

Jane Carlisle, Governess
Clifton, October 1891


Dear Miss Carlisle,

I had hoped that you would remember me more kindly, but then again I suppose I have no right to expect such. As a young woman I know I was a trial to both you and Mama and I do not believe that I have ever thanked you properly for ‘your good offices’ as you term them.

I can only confess that not only did I come late in my appreciation of your talents, but even after I learned due respect of your methods and even to welcome them after a fashion, I was perhaps a little ungracious and also a little shy about our time together. Rest assured, I am far more mature and measured these days, although I must admit not as much as I should hope.

Please do consent to visit Darnley.

Yours, Amelia Ogilvy.

Darnley, October 1891


Dear Lady Ogilvy,

Or should I perhaps address you as Miss Amelia, as I once did?

I am happy to have you say that you so unreservedly appreciate our time together and it is most gratifying that you have become such a responsible and perfect young woman. With this in mind how could I not accept your invitation to renew our acquaintance?

Yours Jane Carlisle,

Clifton, November 1891


Dear Miss Carlisle,

Please, do call me Amelia when we meet, I feel that you are an old friend.

I am so happy that you have consented to visit; although now that you have I must confess I am sudden all of a flutter since I can do nothing but remember those past times at Darnley.

Yesterday, the weather being clement, I took walk towards Blue Bell Woods and happenstance took me past that stand of birch trees alongside the very public Church Lane. I could not but shudder and I think that I may not have been this way since that last time under your supervision.

Moved by these memories I also went see if that bucket was in its old place, it was. Above it the old harness strap, which hangs there still.

Yours Amelia Ogilvy,
Darnley, November 1891


Dear Amelia,

I am so glad that you are moved by the memories. My methods were ever reliant on forging such recollections, otherwise how can one learn?

I recall I had to be most firm with you that first time, as you went to your late Mama with objections and she almost yielded to your whims. You made such a fuss of being led out in only your shift to collect the necessary. Though, not as much fuss as you made once the rods were made. I warned you then that any further such comedies would result in another promenade to Church Lane, with shift hem pinned to the waist. You soon complied.

I look forward to our visit.

Yours Jane Carlisle,
Clifton, November 1891


Dear Miss Carlisle,

You remember it well and how I now thank the Lord above that Mama held strong for I do not believe I would be the woman I am without your guiding hand. I do recall that your threat to pin my hem to the waist was in fact carried out on more than one occasion, I shudder to recall. It is a shame I will never live down, nor should I.

I do recall that hairbrush, I have it still. It is in my writing desk drawer with the Scotch strap you had occasion to use. The cane hangs in the wardrobe. Although it is the birch rod I learned to rue the most.

I read in your excellent book, How to Train a Lady, “That there is nothing so good for a girl as a thorough birching on the completely bare behind.” I know this to be true even though sometimes I could not sit down for days afterwards. I also agree with the sentiments you expressed about a girl never being too old.

Yours humbly, Amelia,
Darnley, November 1891

To be continued

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! AA cane! daze
On discussing the demise of CP from western society feelings were mixed at a recent forum. One woman from Wisconsin rather matter-of-factly mentions being sent out back with her sister and cousins to cut switches ‘for a thorough application to our bare bottoms.’ This, she claims, when she was college age. ‘Not really much of a big deal back in the 1950s. Not sure if it did us any good, we were only ever sorry we were caught. Then again it probably did us no harm beyond a day or two of standing at the supper table. Embarrassing? Sure. Painful, my God, did I mention not being able to sit down?’

Around the same time 20-year-old Louis M failed to successfully bring a prosecution in England against her employer for spanking her. She was employed as a nanny and occasional maid. The court rules that as a minor (being under 21) and a dependent, her employer had a right, if not a duty to act in loco parentis and give her a spanking.

Miss M’s main objection seems to be that she was not only spanked on the bare bottom but ‘kept in for a week on her days off.’

A little further back in time (as recently as the 1930s) housemaids in Norfolk, England, were sent in little more than their short shifts out to the woods to cut birch rods. Reverend T.A. Martin notes in his memoirs seeing many a revealed bare bottom peeking out from the hedgerows as forlorn young girls gathered up the needful.

Another account from a little early sheds light on to how the ‘needful’ was  attended to.

Former housekeeper, Jane Ferris, wrote in her memoir A Country House, The footman and other males staff having been dismissed, the errant girls were scolded in the servant’s hall and then one by one made to bend across the table for a good swishing, applied of course to where it did the most good.

! anete6

Part 1 here.

It would have been over by now, if only she had paid attention. She sighed, she felt such a fool standing in the corner like an errant child. God, what if someone comes in… her tummy did a tumble and she chewed her lip as her face flushed. Doubtlessly the risk was low or Dan would not have gone for coffee, still…

Her bottom still stung from the cane and she could feel lines of seemingly hot steel bursting through her lower curves. She could not help touch the tender spore but then remembered Dan’s threat and snatched her hands away. Hopefully a few quick finger dabs would not count as rubbing. She pumped her knees and did a small shimmy to shake out the burn, God this was so humiliating.

After what seemed like hours Dan came back.

“It looks tender,” he said.

“Yah,” she drawled, she sounded thoroughly miserable.

“Where were we?” he said rhetorically and took up the cane.

Anette shrugged.

“Eight more wasn’t it?” he said and noisily swished the stick.

He was dragging this out, she thought, but she knew if she would do the same in his position. God, he must be loving this.

“Alright come out and bend over,” he said.

Anette turned and scowled before shaking her head in denial.

“Come on,” he growled.

She shrugged and with slow careful steps moved to obey. Only eight, only eight, ran the mantra in her head. As she flopped over the padded surface she was embarrassingly aware again that her bottom was sticking out and served up for his pleasure.

“Do I… do I…?” she began.

He caned her hard and she screamed in surprise.

“Nineteeen, thank you sir, may I have another please?” she yelped.

“You may,” he said and caned her again.

“Ahhhhh-eeee-mmmm,” she hissed, “20 thank you sir, may I have another please?”

He caned in hard right where once she could have relied on sitting.

“Hmmmmm,” she twisted and screwed up her face and let out a long slow breath before groaning, “21 thank you sir, please may I have another?”

The cane stroke followed and she all but yelled out the request and began to grizzle. This was hard and getting harder.

Twenty three and 24 followed just as quickly and she counted each.

“Three more,” Dan said, “You are doing well.”

Anette sniffed and nodded.

“Just relax, no need to count now,” he told her.

She was panting heavily and barely acknowledged him.

Dan waited.

Oh God, oh God, ran through her mind.

Then he caned with a vicious swipe and before she could scream out he caned her again.

Anette tensed for a third that did not come. Then she finally relaxed and he laid on the last.

Anyone beyond the room might have heard a scream. Inside Anette sagged and sobbing like a bottom-spanked teen.

“All done,” Dan said brightly.

Anette collapsed over the padded bench and sobbed. It was a good cry, she felt clean. Dan patted her shoulder and put away the cane.

After a while Anette clambered to her feet and vigorously massaged her bottom. “Wow,” she gasped. There were still tears, but now she breathing mostly normally.

Dan smiled reassuringly and then regarded her sternly. “I haven’t told you yet, but I have been promoted,” he said.

“Oh,” Anette gaped, that explained his response to her attitude. “Congratulations.” She tried to smile. “Look, I am sorry about my behaviour, both today and… well most of the time so it seems.”

Dan set his jaw as if pondering something. “I am not sure you are suited to this job,” he said.

Anette felt a surge of panic. “You can’t fire me,” she blurted, “I’m sorry, really fucking sorry.”

His glare warned her. “I am not firing you, but I can relegate you to the back office, to reception maybe, or the processing unit.”

“Please Dan…” Anette would hate that.

“The alternative is a kind of unofficial probation,” he suggested.

Anette nodded quickly. It didn’t pass his notice that she hadn’t let go of her still bare bottom yet or asked to get dressed.

“Does that sound fair?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said quickly, “Yes Sir.”

He smiled. “So we have a deal, but remember if you screw up again or give or anyone any attitude, even clients… you and I will be having a very long conversation here in this room.”

Anette gulped. “Y-you can’t mean…?” she felt a surge of panic.

“It’s that or the night shift doing gate guard duty,” Dan told her.

Anette gave him a pout and nodded. “Can I get dressed now?” she asked.

Dan appeared to consider this and then made a significant glance to the corner.

Anette let her jaw drop.

“I think in honour of our new arrangement and to make sure you know your place,” he grinned and gestured to corner of the room, “One hour… I will watch you from the monitors.”

Anette winced and sagged dejectedly. “Yes Sir,” she groaned.

Dan was still grinning.

The end.



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