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Back in the day, before the internet, the only place you could get spanking pictures was through a very limited number of magazines. In the UK these home-grown products were quite hard to find if you lived outside London. Later there were some US products available, but this was mostly in the guise of spanking books at railways stations.

Sometimes the pictures were good, but they tended to often vary little from the vanilla offerings. Rarely was there any added spanking dimension to these, largely because the law cracked down on the more adventurous offerings, particularly red bottoms. Kane actually broke the mould here, but only sporadically. Later we had Paula and her fantastic drawings that conjured up scenarios.

What I liked most was the stories, the words were so much evocative for me. Unlike the old joke about only reading Playboy for the articles, Janus et al often had great stories.

British Spanking Magazines blog has a great archive of some of these, but sadly hasn’t posted since 2012 and I recently linked to Spanking Magazine Stories which has a similar tribute.

Later I found Blue Moon Books and the works of Manton and Martin Pyx (sometimes Pix) and over such paperbacks, but just as the internet got going these offerings became tamer as F/M elements were shoe-horned into such books and the consensual requirement had to be hammered out on every page.

It has to be admitted that sometimes the old stories were OTT on the taste front and even I knew that the coarse sexist language often owed as much to misogyny as eroticism. However I think too often now writers second guess themselves and hold back as if their words can shape reality. I know I often do that. That is the strength and limit of the internet. Readers feedback and as the audience grows so does the feedback.

Overall I think this is a good thing and we have far more opportunities and openness now. I never really liked the coercive misogyny of many of the ‘flage’ exploitation, but sometimes I think we have lost some of the innocence of the old fashioned spanking stories.

Vintage Sunday


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Part 1 here.

Anette felt a surge of panic at what had almost happened; almost because all she had to do was… her mouth went dry…. “Machine stop,” she ordered and once last effort to pull her arms free of the machine. It might have worked too, if she had not been tipped so far forward that gravity worked against her.

Then the paddle struck with full force and the breath left Anette’s lungs. For an eternal moment she tried to process the unspeakable fire in her seat, marvelling at its intensity and the way it seemed spread and grow in strength. Grow in strength and… how could it get worse?

She found her breath and yelled. “Oh my God,” she panted, not believing the sting.

There was a metallic click and curiously she made to turn. Then she was spanked again.

“Bbbb-bloody hell,” she exclaimed and clamped her jaw against the burn. “Will you bloody stop? Override, override,” she snarled.

The third spank made her realise that this was not going to stop. The bottom burn seemed to sit on her behind as with a life of its own as it no longer even faded slightly between spanks.

“Help, help,” she screamed and then with all her breath, “Help me.”

Then she heard the click and the fourth spank struck with a punitive fury.

“Ooh b-bastard,” she gasped, and felt tears prick her eyes. “No more please,” she groaned to no one.

Then she spied the monitors in the corner giving her a multi-angled view. Her own bottom was jutting up obscenely and was by now very, very red. For a moment she was held in narcissistic fascination, then the paddle struck again.

“Hmmmm, sheeeshh,” she hissed and willed it to not be happening.

At the eighth stroke the paddling stopped and there was silence. Anette herself was panting hard, aware now that she was crying a little. Her bottom was dipped in liquid lava and she doubted that she would ever sit down again.

She tried her arms again to wriggle free. Obviously the machine being a test model had broken down. The intensity of the relief was a new sensation but then she felt a surge of panic. She was bent over bare-bottomed in a restricted area and she could not get free. What if someone came? What if they didn’t?

Then something clanked and the barrel like bench shifted under her with the effect that a more vulnerable part of her bottom was more elevated. Eight, eight was a standard pause she realised with horror. The ninth spank was an absolute… after she screamed she began to break down and sob.

By the end of her self-imposed 15 swats she was broken with despair.

“No more, please no more,” she babbled.

The change in machine tone or the slight adjustment of the lights brought a fresh panic. She remembered that she had authorised broadcast. The auto-change lights… had this gone live.

“That is quite a sentence you have there,” said a voice, “I saw it on the monitor in the security office.”

Anette startled. This was getting worse. Then she realised who it was.

“Dan,” she barked, “Stop laughing and get me out of here.”

“Well, let us not be hasty,” Dan chuckled.

“You bastard, I’m stuck,” Anette protested.

“Yeah, about that,” Dan drawled, “What are you doing in here?”

“I… I was just checking out the new facilities, you know, just curious.” Anette’s unfocussed eyes swivelled back and forth in her head as she realised what he was seeing and she racked her mind for an explanation.

“And why are you…?” he coughed, “Arse up over the bench-barrel?”

“I just…” she wailed, “Damn you Dan, let me up.”

“Bit off more than you can chew eh?” Dan laughed.

Anette sniffed and tried not to wriggle. There was no dignity in this.

“Please Dan, it was an accident, I was just messing about with a few moderate test swats. The damn thing kicked in automatically with some kind of pre-set.” Anette felt her face melt.

“I ought to report this, hell, I don’t even need to. The whole thing has been recorded. I could just walk away and leave you to it,” Dan said with a real edge to his voice.

“Please Dan, please,” Anette begged, “I know you and I don’t always… please you can’t…” She suddenly realised that even if Dan helped there was a good chance she would be reported.

“I could turn it back on and let it run its course,” Dan pondered aloud, “Leave it in the lap of the gods, so to speak.”

“Please Dan, please,” she sounded desperate, “I’ll do anything.”

“Oh anything is it?” he chuckled.

Anette swallowed hard. “Yes you bastard, even that,” she growled.

“Now, now, less of the mouth,” Dan warned.

“Sorry, I’m sorry,” she said quickly.

“You always did have a pissy attitude,” he sighed. “I’ll tell you what… I’ll turn off the machine if you take your medicine from me.”

“What?” Anette spluttered.

“Just an idea,” he shrugged, “Oh well, I will leave it running.”

Anette’s eyes bugged as her mind raced. Then she heard the mechanism click and then the sound of receding footsteps. “Dan,” she yelled, “Dan, alright, please…”

There was a long silence filled only by the sounds of the machine prepping itself.

“Dan,” she cried desperately. Pinned as she was with her head down, she had no idea if he had gone.

“Alright,” he spoke at last and she heard him shutting down the machine again. “But just to be clear,” he said sternly, “We are not doing it here. I want you in our usual chamber, that way you can’t claim afterwards that I coerced you, and besides, I kind of like the sense of justice to it.”

Anette took a deep breath. “If you think…”

“Are we agreed?”

Anette wondered if she could go through with it once he released her. She knew either way he was one up on her.

“Fine,” she spat.

To be continued.




Still not enough opportunity for story writing, but LSF have brought out a new publication of my stories. This one is not exactly new and includes the novel (they call it a novella) The Academy, together with two other shorter novellas in one deal. Certainly better value for money if you haven’t already purchased them, but be aware that they have all been previously available. This is the kind of thing some people have taken issue with.

On that note, thank you for all your support on the issue of previous book hassles.

Elsewhere this week more daddy issues, with Vanilla Spanking returning to the theme and also Chicago Spanking Review.

There is an interesting Rasputin themed find on Stan’s site, see above. There is also a rather nice black and white offering on Ronnie’s blog.

Other offerings are from professional content providers: Dallas, AAA, Real Spankings and one from spanking actor Devlin O’Neil.

Sorry not another short, not yet, but I just got some feedback on some of my books.

Firstly, thank you so very much if you bought one of my books. I would like to say that I can make a living at this, but sadly the day job still beckons. However, every penny does help support the running costs.

I have been consistently criticised (primarily by one reader) because some of my stories are available here for free. There is a suggestion that somehow I am deceiving people. I think most people know that if they trawl through the back pages there are many shorts and series available here for free. Just as Amazon offers my stories for free with certain accounts or in their lending library. The latter availability being nothing to do with me and brings me no income. Most books on Amazon are available in this way so technically all authors are selling books that may be free.

I tend to buy my books so as to support the author, but not everyone can afford that.

The small pat peeve I have is that people (one in particular) have bought my books just to give them a negative review because they can be obtained elsewhere. I gather he has some kind of beef with my publisher. There is not a lot I can do about malicious trolls in this world.

I just thought it worth clarifying the availability of my work.

The Russell Corner
The Academy
The Exit Bureau
and increasingly some episodes of Abraham Heights…

…are not available anywhere except by purchasing either through LSF or Amazon.

There may be a few other short works (I don’t remember) most other work is available either here or at LSF.

Vintage Sunday


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Previously we have discussed CP for women in the Royal Navy during and after the Second World War. Women were not fully incorporated into the Navy until the 1957 Naval Discipline Act, but until then they had been formulated under boy cadet rules and technically, and sometimes actually, subject to corporal punishment.

This entailed anything from six-of-the-best to 30 strokes administered to the bare bottom, usually but not exclusively by a women officer. Although most accounts suggest that bare bottom canings were relatively rare by the 1950s, whilst being de rigour during the war.

What hasn’t been discussed so much is CP in other military services and in other countries.

One account has a serving British Army woman driver getting an over-the-knee spanking from her male officer after skiving off to a pub. There will be more on this another time.

Unofficial spankings and CP seems to be more common than the official kind in some services.

In WWII a mid-ranking women officer was tasked to investigating inappropriate behaviour to serving WAVS. On interviewing one woman she was told, ‘he spanked me.’

The officer replied, “Oh phooey, is that all? If I wrote up a report every time some peace time brat got a spanking in the service I would drown in paperwork.”

The woman protested, “You don’t understand,” and in a whisper added, “He spanked my bare bottom.”

The investigator shot back wearily, “Oh honey, who hasn’t been spanked on the bare bottom?”

This was according to an ex-service forum referencing some war memoirs by veterans. This exchange was allegedly from I Was a Girl Sailor. Needless to say I could not find the book so this remains apocryphal.

More directly Tom emailed me during my down time to say that his sister was caned on the bare bottom several times while serving in the Australian Navy in the 1970s. He claims that she always said it was “no biggie,” and better than getting written up for going AWOL, drunk on duty and “some other stuff that involved messing around with some weapons.”

He said that she was generally caned with other girls by a male officer in the presence of women officer. She was made to bare and bend with her hands on her knees to receive 12 strokes and once 18 strokes. For the weapons incident she was caned bending over a table and received 24 strokes. “It hurt like fucking hell,” she told him, and after she couldn’t “sit down too well that time.”

I also have some notes about Thailand and Singapore somewhere, but that is for another day.





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This week Ronnie has new spanking sites to check out and Vanilla Spanking explores daddy spanking in comics and the movies of yesteryear.

Speaking of movies I have also had some nice emails including one from Anthony on the 1966 movie Georgy Girl. He looked up the script and found two spanking references.

Middle-aged man played by James Mason talking to father of Georgina, the 22-year-old title character.

“I wanted to catch her.”
“Georgy? She’s nipped off.”
“By the look of it. If I were you, Ted, I’d take her across my knee, pull down her knickers and give her a good tanning.”
” Oh. She’s too big for that.”
“Yes. She always was. She’s like some enormous lorry driver.”
“She ought to be made to feel what she owes me.”
(Bridegroom, played by Alan Bates, to bride, played by Charlotte Rampling, in the waiting room of the Registry Office)
“Look, if you don’t behave yourself, I’ll take your knickers down and give you such a belting you won’t sit down for a week.”


Other images are from: Devlin, Asa, Contemporary Spanking, AAA and Chicago Spanking.

A Little Busy



I have been a little busy and I haven’t had time to develop a queue of work. However, I am now able to access my back-up files and story treatments, old images and memorabilia. It will take me a while to sort through it and organise it.

Vintage Sunday


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