Weekly Round-Up


3wr _nyn3uevhSY1sjq86ho1_1280 3wr _o7qynb8T7F1s68en6o1_500 3wr alex_dorm1 3wr burning-buns 3wr campagne-428x640 3wr coach-canes-cheerleader-01 3wr mic-ardant-01
3wr o7ly5hT09V1tw3dolo1_500 3wr SG1 3wr spanking-art 3wr SPANKS-NOWThe world still turns and summer is well and truly here. It seems everyone has something new for me to do.

Speaking of new, Kia of Acknowledging Imperfection has a new book out, her first. I haven’t read it yet, but knowing Kia and having glanced at the blurb I rather suspect that this semi-autobiographical.

On the subject of new, Dallas has found some old sessions that he did with his original muse Tikki.

Elsewhere Bonnie has a short discussion on consent. Vanilla Spanking has another go at spanking in the theatre: an unrelated picture above from that site. Richard Windsor, ever first with the news of yesteryear, reminisces about the old days when spanking sites made money.

Other pictures are from: Devlin, About, All Things, CutiePie, Able, Sensual Drift, AAA, Spanking Toons and the Spanking Blog.

3 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. 1 Kia

    Hi DJ- Thanks for the plug! Leave it to you to spot the lack of fiction in my “fiction.” 😉

  2. 3 Kres

    Lovely warmth in photos. Any more .

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