Unhappy Halloween


halloween whipped witch2There is something creepy as well as severe about this still of Barbara Rey from the 1973 movie Night of the Sorcerers. Busy week so posts are a bit slow, more soon.

5 Responses to “Unhappy Halloween”

  1. 1 John

    If I had been a judge during the Salem Witch Trials, I would not have burned the witches. Instead. I would have exorcised them by “spanking the Devil out of them.”

    The less attractive witches would have been cured by ONE spanking, but the more beautiful ones, being potential seductresses, would have required several disciplinary treatments.

    • Or – you could have just let them all go – seeing as it was a terrible miscarriage of justice and you could have been the hero who saved them.
      Instead you could have spanked the hysteria out of their accusers.

      They would have deserved and maybe benefitted from a stern bringer of justice such as yourself.

      • 3 Ripley

        Oh yes Indigo, that outcome seems much more appropriate.
        “…spanked the hysteria out of their accusers.” – Love it!

  2. I like this post and think it was well done plus the picture was great too.

  3. I like this post, not being into whipping I too would have done what he said he would do a good spanking through the spooky night of the witches. Indigo letting them all go is a nice suggestion too gentle you.

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