Dotes: the wrong Dom Rom Com mystery


Can I go for a walk sir?

Most blogs are about people’s daily lives. This one is often about the past, even the dotes are mostly about things that happened many years ago.

Here is a brief little mystery that had only just happened and may even be ongoing.

Last night there was a text message on the mobile from a nice young lady asking if it was all right to go for a walk. If it was then maybe we could get together so that her owner could meet me.

Now there is only one person who had this number who knows about this world so was it a joke? Probably not.

The text back went prematurely (texting is not a strong point here), no idea what was said.

The text came back this morning that she meant if we arranged to go for a walk at the same time and place then we could accidentally all meet up – gedit.

The returned text back said: “I think U hav the wrong Dom.”

Her text back said: “Now I am really confused what is a dom?”

After discarding the idea of stringing her along to find out more, the return text explained that “I hav no idea who U R. R U sure U hav the right number?” This time it was signed with my name.

It was nice and cute that she took the trouble to text back: “Very soz, my bad.”

Now what are the chances that a wrong number would be from a sub to a random Dom? Further more if she did not know what a Dom was then what was the original text about?

Its nice to start the weekend with a mystery. Maybe the conversation will continue?

3 Responses to “Dotes: the wrong Dom Rom Com mystery”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Kind of makes you realize that all kinds of text traffic is whizzing by out there in cyberspace.

    The possibility of making contact with a random female sub through a wrong number text message presents tantalizing possibilities.

    Maybe you could spin this into a fictional story using this factual incident as a point of departure.

  2. 2 Scunge

    Shouldn’t that be MAY I take a walk? Yes I have corrected My Sir’s grammar and YES I have been spanked for it,but I still do it even in a text message,which I have just learned to do. Wow a random text that is quite intriguing. 🙂

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