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More Navy Larks


A few weeks back a comment to The Last of the Old Style WRNS Discipline, this time about a woman serving during World War I prompted me to revisit this strange subject. I found a completely new account and new some snippets. This is an edited excerpt of an anecdote written by David S Holly: […]

During my absence I had several emails asking about my historical articles and was there a book. Now there is a good idea. The answer is not at the moment, but I have picked up a few titbits here and there. In this vein I had several requests for more about the caning WRNS during […]

“Eyes right,” the Senior Wren all but screamed, “And stand straight woman.” Catherine came to attention more or less correctly, this time remembering where to place her thumbs. “You are not in Tonbridge bloody Wells now,” the Senior Wren continued to berate her, “This is the Royal Navy,” she continued. Catherine Havers felt every nerve […]

Following on from yesterday’s story here is another true account of the caning of some wrens, this time from the early 1970s. Shortly after this time women were included within the Royal Navy proper and would have been, in theory at least, protected from such sanctions. This was sent in by one of our regular […]

Much has been written about the caning of women in the Royal Navy during the Second World War. These episodes seem to fall into two types of incident, the semi-official and the unofficial. Although, except for perhaps at Dartmouth, no serving man seems to have been subject to the same discipline. This was probably for […]

Here is a taster for a couple of anecdotes about the corporal punishment of women in the Royal Navy due to be published on this blog in the near future. In February 2006 Alex Birch posted a series of letters on his blog that had been published in January and February of that year in […]