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Came across this publicity still for McLintock! For anyone who hasn’t seen the movie, the spanking in question was instigated by Patrick Wayne with a coal shovel provided by an on looking father played by John Wayne. Most people focus on the prolonged Maureen O’Hara spanking at the climax of the film, but Stephanie Powers […]

In case it is new to you, here is a clip from Land Beyond the Law, a 1937 western which includes a spanking for then 25-year-old Linda Perry. The photo above is not all that and the spanking itself is a little contrived, but Whisky asked for more western spankings. If this does not satisfy […]

The Visitor


He had been travelling for decades in human time, almost ever since his kind became aware of the corporeal culture on the distant planet Earth. At first, the analysis had almost missed the nuances of this complex civilisation, but he had seen beyond that. His field was order and discipline, but the revelation about human […]