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Prussia was the largest country in what is now Germany, occupying the north of that territory with its capital in Berlin. I will spare you the history, but by reputation Prussian society was austere, militaristic and disciplinarian in outlook. This attitude extended to the raising of women, particularly in the Junker (gentry) class who were […]

Here are two (allegedly real) pictures of corporal justice. Not sure of the details of either. Both apparently depict informal sanctions from two very different communities. The first is supposed to be a news pic from a South American press agency where a young women is apparently hoping that she will be able to forgo […]

Jocelyn Deveraux was a four feet eleven inch tower of defiance. Her impossible gold blonde tresses were neatly pinned under a riding bowler draped at the brim with a pair of driving goggles. From under these two big blue eyes regarded the world in triumph. The goggles were a promise to herself that she would […]

Years ago while watching an old black and white movie set in some kind of senior girls’ school there was a chance reference to Abelard and Heloise. It meant nothing to me at the time and if I ever knew it the name of the movies escapes me. It was an odd set-up with ‘schoolgirls’ […]

The girl was well secured at her wrists in the small of her back as she lay face down on the bed with her bare bottom elevated by two pillows. She was naked, her white skin stark in the morning light that streamed in through the window. The bindings at her wrist were at her […]



The year had begun quietly enough. For sure the Medici were extending their grip on the city, but what was that to Nicolo Salviati, his family had long been out of politics? But then as spring turned to summer, unrest had spread through the city. As ever, some blamed the Jews and others the Venetians, […]

The narrow stairwell smelt of floor polish and ancient oak. When she last made this journey, she had sneered at the tacky ordinariness of an old rickety staircase in such an inauspicious school, now they seemed so intimidating. As she climbed, each creak put Sophie in mind of the scaffold steps. She paused and took […]