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Our story began here. Sylvia had decided against kneeling up in the back of the Range Rover as Mary drove her to the Lodge. Instead she sat up front lifting the full weight of her bottom of the seat with her arms either side of her thighs; a position that caused the housekeeper much amusement. […]

The only thing more irritating than the highly implausible ‘as the youngest of seven daughters I was spanked every night’ story on all of those forums; is the swamp of cynics who often ad nuseum say this has never and could never happen. There is nothing wrong with a good story and let people make […]

Our story began here. Chloe hadn’t known what to expect and imagined some sort of canteen. But lunch was served in an ordinary, albeit sumptuous ornate and not to say large dining room. The carved wooded panelling had a Jacobean feel and the silver construction that served as a centre piece for the table looked […]

Our story started here. Collecting the switches was hardly uneventful, but for the most part those that saw the two bare-bottomed girls in the lane just chuckled and went on by. It would have been so much worse if it had of been a weekend. “I think I am going to die,” Alice wailed as […]



The Denver train pulled in with a screech of iron on iron that jangled the nerves of every cowpoke in town and might have even roused one or two of the residents on Boot Hill. Then with a judder and a hiss it came to a full stop in a great cloud of steam. In […]

Our story started here. The Ad Astra hung in space like a fly suspended in amber. If anyone had been standing on the outer hull, the stars would have seemed so close to them that they might have reached out and touched them. To even mortal eyes, which could only perceive a fraction of the […]

The tears rolled down 18-year-old Lucy Martin’s cheeks causing her mascara to run and her mother Ann thought she was the most woeful sight she had ever seen. As her daughter entered the room, she took slow careful steps and opted to throw herself face down on the settee, rather than sit on it. Once […]

The lane stretched out before them, curving away to the farm through the trees just beyond. To their right was the lake, cool and inviting on such a summer’s day, although Henry had forbidden her to go in today. Something buzzed around them for a moment before being carried away by the breeze. The same […]

Now these pictures, along with a few others, were found on a foreign language forum labelled 1970s sorority hazing. There was little discernible other information and which country it’s from is a mystery. A little research revealed that US style sororities are active in the Philippines and other American influenced nations. Now the pictures don’t […]



Amanda was feeling very pleased with herself. The article was a triumph, she knew it. Anyway, how dare that over-privileged stuck-up socialite say such a thing about women? “A good woman does not neglect her place and more especially if that place is with her children,” she quoted. “Bah.” The woman was a traitor to […]