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The old schoolhouse, as it was known, stood bellow the rise above the stream almost three miles from the Stepford Ranch House. Louise Stepford snorted at the very idea, as far as she knew it was less than 30 years old, having been built by the first generation of settlers in these parts. But then […]

I Stranger


“Alright, we’ve wasted enough time,” Amanda barked out to her team, “I want the field squad ready to go in two minutes.” Jack Riley the field technician eyed the tall cool blonde apprehensively from his place at the configuration terminal. He adjusted his glasses nervously and pulled down the available options. This was going all […]

If you like cowboy spanking stories then LSF have published a short collection of mine called Atonement: spanking stories of the Wild West. These are mostly M/F stories of the traditional kind where hellcats and brats in pursuit of their men get what they most need. Atonement Her eyes turned by the delights of a […]

I always had this thing about rules. I guess it stems from the fact that at home I never had any. My brother and I did pretty much what we liked, when we liked. It made for a complicated adolescence, but being such a free spirit contributed to my creativity and led me to my […]

LSF have published another novella by yours truly. This time it is the socio-religious exploration of an alternative Earth where college girls have guardians and questioning the faith or the mysterious origins of their society can be seriously dangerous for a young girl’s bottom. The publishers blurb has it: Chelsea and Candida are lying in […]

“I get it,” she said rolling her eyes up, “I’m a screw up, what can I say?” Zoe Frayne sat with her arms folded across a pink mohair pullover crushing her small but prominent breasts. The pink matched the tinge of dye in her black hair, the only visible concession the punk-come-Goth girl had made […]

Sammie liked the place as soon as she saw it. It was the kind of house you saw in movies and the hometown cosy feel all along the tree-lined road had broken through her hard LA cynicism like balm for the soul. Not that she would ever admit it, perhaps not even to herself. The […]

Jasmine wondered if it was a paradox, but she had never been good at such things. What it certainly was; was inconvenient. She glowered at her own reflection in the mirror by the door. She knew that word did not even cover it, but it was as close as she was going to get to […]

Some years ago I wrote a short series about the adventures of Lizzie Baines, a New York girl who marries a soldier on the eve of the Korean War and is transplanted to Louisiana to live with his family while he serves abroad. While there she has to deal with some very quaint and challenging […]

The Russell Corner is a 70,000-odd word novel that was first published in 2009. All things considered it has sold rather well for a micro-publication and I know many of you bought and I am gratified by that. Generally the book was well-received and many of those those used to my narrative style have said […]