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Our story began here. A bird sang nearby, a sweet accompaniment to the hush of the trees as they swayed in a light dance in the wind. Not that Mary noticed. She sat under the tree pretending to read a book as she kicked her life around in her head. Nor did she see Alice’s approach […]

Our story began here. Jenny had been too embarrassed to get dressed in front of Miss Bowman but it felt strange standing in the hallway of the hotel naked from the waist down. She suspected that Alice had only allowed it because they were the only guests, but all the same she felt vulnerable and […]

The Petard


The island fell away from them at this elevation, a teardrop of rock in a turquoise sea a thousand miles from anywhere. The sub-tropical forest that dominated 10 miles by five of private haven was impossibly green and only here and there did purple rocks poke through like natural towers that gave vantage points like […]

Sister Mercy, her jaw set tight, was wringing her hands. Before her the young novice Maria was naked and kneeling at the block while Sub-Prioress Augusta laced her upturned bare bottom with a long thin switch. The once smooth rounds of the errant girl were now rilled and purple red with welts as she gasped […]

A conclusion to yesterday’s tale. The cigarettes were foul and even Amelia suspected that walking down the middle of the road after midnight whilst swigging a bottle of brown ale was less than ladylike. But Spiffy had to agree that it was very dare and totally modern. “I don’t really like smoking,” Amelia spluttered and […]

It had seemed like a harmless agreement, Georgina thought, although now she could kick herself as she hovered at the door to the shared house. Surely he wouldn’t go through with it? The pang in her belly was close to nausea and the heat was rising in her face right up to the fringes of […]

The Golem


It was the hum that kept Leah awake. The relentless hum that touched her ears just below audible that could only be heard if you listened for it; or if you were trying to sleep. She had been told by the captain before he went into stasis that she would get used to it. And […]

Part 1 here. Tammy, Charlotte Coleman and Anne Shelley were all around the kitchen table when Hilary walked in. The red-haired senior, Charlotte, shifted awkwardly in her seat, visibly wincing. Hilary remembered that Charlotte had had a tutorial that day and she knew damn well the girl had not finished her paper. The well-groomed Anne […]

The Prize


The Imperial was the best hotel in the quadrant and Letitia Quail demanded nothing but the best. Furthermore the great one-way windows afforded her an excellent view of the dock and all the pretty ships coming and going for her perusal. Quail stood with her legs akimbo before the one such window as she regarded […]

The second in three sequential stand alone shorts that began here. Sophie didn’t really have a plan, not really. What she had were a series of ideas that she either acted on or thought about acting on until she had a better idea. Had she been smarter she might have realised that as plans went, […]