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Its hard to concentrate when there are so many distractions, but with maturity one can master it.

Vintage Sunday




Not a lot to say this week. I have been busy catching up after my illness and many others seems to be away. Holdodeck is finished, but following a couple of communications I agree that there is scope for a sequel. Not soon though. In the Service of the Wolf is top of the agenda […]

Part one here Tzara’s mind was racing, so long as this crazy world had come out of her own head, and she was now seriously beginning to doubt that, it had been bearable. It had even made a kind of sense. Now centre stage its major character’s included old reliable shipmates, officers yet, who were supposed […]

Vintage Sunday




Having been out I haven’t seen much so here are a few pictures I missed and maybe you did too. Found: AAA, Spanking Blog, Stan,  Devlin and Dallas.

Janice K had wondered her whole life what a spanking would be really like. As a teen she had been warned to be careful going out alone and that strangers were dangerous. She had always imagined that these dark consequences would involve a spanking. Deliberately she had flouted caution and put herself in danger. Of […]

Vintage Sunday


Part one here Tzara watched her new arch nemesis walk away with a swagger that rivalled most of the men in this world. What could she say, she was guilty. She remembered the captain and felt sick. What about the others too, did they get away? If they did would they survive or get shipwrecked light […]

I stumbled upon the Wertham Project that was discussing 1940s and 50s culture and especially the link between comics and movies. It touches upon the popular campaign to get Lois Lane spanked by Superman, which elsewhere gained traction until the publishers suspected that the calls had been hijacked by more prurient interests. There were wider […]