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This is a curious anecdote from an off-topic forum. It all sounds a bit fanciful, but stranger things have happened. It concerns the spanking of a women’s football (soccer) team by a male coach. It seems that on pitch fouls and other offences, including losing a game was dealt with by spanking the offenders (including […]

The people hustling along the bridge on their way to work could be forgiven for not even noticing. It was a rainy summer’s day and most of them had assignments to finish before the holidays. In any case, the small park that started under the bridge and ran alongside the river was often frequented by […]

The picture above was entitled a ‘landlady with a switch circa 1920.’ It doesn’t seem like the usual posed for saucy postcard of the era, for one thing it appears to have been photographed outside. It doesn’t mean it is genuine of course but it does put one in mind of the Everston girls from […]

Following on from Thursday’s post about spanking anecdotes of yesteryear, here is one that should have been included. This little reminiscence of Rachel’s is similar to that of her namesake reported here back in 2009 in a post entitled, The Slipper and the Art of Spanking in 1970s England. She writes: In the last year […]

Susie froze in the glare of the hall light. Any chance she had had to bluff it out had been thrown away by the act of taking off her shoes to sneak in. “What time do you call this?” Her father sounded furious. Did parents all read the same cliché manual? Although this was no […]

It is surprising what you can find at the US Library of Congress. This was taken from a special edition of the New York Sun-Syracuse Herald from 5 March 1911. Apparently earlier that month in Evansville, Indiana, the Kueblers hit upon an alternative to divorce. “I don’t kneed a lawyer to fight a divorce case,” […]

Another anecdote, this time from Pete; a family story told to him by a work mate a few years back. The man involved went to stay with an older cousin in while his 20s when he went on a course. The cousin had married a man with two college-aged daughters, and they later had a […]

The Governess


At first glance an outsider might have wondered which of the two young women was the governess and which her charge. Save for the fact that Eugenia was standing bare-bottomed in the corner that is. Constance, the older woman, was barely 23 and had been Eugenia’s governess for little over a year. Although quite tall, […]

Read an account of a woman who when at school in the 1970s was taught by her cousin. She was 18 and in the sixth form and he was her geography teacher. The young lady in question thought she could get away with anything and he believed that she couldn’t. The upshot was whenever she […]

Back to school


A Voice in the Corner has a decided focus on adult women and the psychology of their submission, hence the rarity of schoolgirl stories. However, all those spanked school girls, real and imagined, have played a major part in shaping the libido of many of us, something to do the threshold between adult and childhood, […]