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A conclusion to yesterday’s tale. The cigarettes were foul and even Amelia suspected that walking down the middle of the road after midnight whilst swigging a bottle of brown ale was less than ladylike. But Spiffy had to agree that it was very dare and totally modern. “I don’t really like smoking,” Amelia spluttered and […]

Petunia had scouted ahead first to make sure the coast was clear. Well it had been her turn and anyway she was the oldest. That left Amelia ‘Bother’ Botherington and ‘Spiffy’ Susie Watkins to sneak up behind in her train. They both thought that Petunia, Spiffy’s elder sister, was a bit wet, but she did […]

Spanker At


Whilst doing a quick review for the coming year, a glaring omission from cod-history of spanking strand became conspicuous by its absence. There has never been a post about the spanker-at craze of the 1930s and into the 1940s. A brief google reveals that no one has ever, it seems, written about this. Prepare to […]