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This is another of the pictures sent in by Sam. I have obscured the faces in case it is the real life picture of a college spanking that is claimed. The back-story is (or is claimed to be) a 20-year-old woman is being spanked at her Christian community college witnessed by a friend (the photographer) […]

Our story started here. Chelsea could feel the flare of the strap in her bottom with every step and realised that she wouldn’t be sitting down for a day or two. She couldn’t complain about that, she had had far worse spankings. Such things were part of the ebb and flow of her life. The […]

Not to be too presumptuous, judging from feedback I know that most of you out there like relationship punishment spankings and romantic spankings. This is pretty much where we are all at these days to a greater or lesser extent. But one of the things that first got many people’s attention when it came to […]

Cane marks


“This is crazy,” Rachel yelled, beyond rage. “I paid my fees, I have a double first…” Her case tumbled through her brain as a list too long to recount. “I am the best student on the damn course,” the English woman spluttered as she continued, “No drugs, no drink, no…” “This is a private university […]

He had made her stand on the half stair above the entrance hall. To be sure she was out of sight of the door for now, but that could always change. Her nose was to the corner, exactly touching the point at which the two walls met at the foot of the second set of […]

One was having a little chat the other day with one who knows. She said that the cane is one of the things that she fears most. That got us talking about personal histories of the cane and why it has such a hold on some people’s collective psyches. One has to suspect that the […]

Angel watched the perfect creature cross the quad. Her gothic hair cut with an angled fringe in a shock of black that matched her heavy eye shadow. Her fierce dark brown eyes defied the world to challenge her and drew a picture of a girl that Angel wanted to be. Like Angel, Domino was 18 […]

Real life spanking is not as rare as you might think, but photographic evidence usually is. However, here is a recent real life picture from a college barbecue. The evidence of a serious spanking can be seen on the girl’s bottom and one wonders at her bravado in wearing so skimpy a bathing costume. Given […]

Despite their very different backgrounds, the two 18-year-olds had become firm friends over the previous two years. They had met behind the tyre shed at the back of the motor repair garage where Sandy worked as an apprentice, which on account of its position near the school gates, was the perfect place for an illicit […]

Abaconti stood at the window watching the rain blast the city below while his son tried to placate the client. He was good under the circumstances, Abaconti thought. “Have you tried the salmon?” Tom Abaconti said casually. “We didn’t come all the way across the Atlantic to eat darn fish sandwiches,” the Texan drawled in […]