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Part I The hour she stood in the corner had passed impossibly slowly for Sofia, a long miserable experience that left her with a strange new emotion she could not place. If she had been more worldly and less proud she would have recognised it as humility. At first she had been angry, but it […]

Here is a set(?) found on different Tumblr’s. It isn’t clear who the artist (or artists) are but despite the differing styles two were grouped as if they might be the same. Taken together they contrast and compare the notorious medieval to 19th century traditional domestic corporal punishment with the Soviet era (note the picture […]

This article first appeared in Russian in The Siberian Times. New method for addiction at a clinic in Russia In the depths of Siberia, scientists claim to have discovered a revolutionary method of recovery from alcohol, dope and other addictions. Even workaholics or sex addict could be helped by the new method. Most are shocked […]

The last post on Russians was to be the last for a while, but at the time there was much interest shown in the unpublished plates of judicial flogging. The purpose of the pictures above is unclear, perhaps they were intended to be educational or merely pornographic, but the former is entirely plausible as until […]